Welcome to Highly Evolved!

Wow, I’ve finally given in and abandoned my MySpace blog…

WordPress will allow me to post samples of songs (I think), and also make for a lot neater blog to read. Plus, I’ve actually thought a name, Highly Evolved. This is the name of one of my favourite songs and albums and I thought it was a cool name.

If you’ve never read my blog and want to read it, the link is blogs.myspace.com/phosphorescent_light.

This blog will have the same kind of structure to my other blog, but this time around I will try to include short samples of key songs and this may cause people to actually listen to the albums I’ll review.

Oh, and I try to write every week on a Sunday, I usually review 2-3 album per week and I try to review either new releases or relevent releases, so check it out every week, grab the RSS feed and feel free to comment.


~ by Michael Hodder on February 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Welcome to Highly Evolved!”

  1. sounds sweet cant wait till the first new installment

  2. Nice site, should be great… mmm hmmm… all my music needs put into one big bonanza!

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