“To Lose My Life…”, “No Line On The Horizon”

This week I’m reviewing U2’s new album and White Lies’ debut album, ‘To Lose My Life…’. I usually don’t review the massively popular bands and releases, but occasionally there’s something intriguing about the sound the band gets on a particular track, in this instance I was surprised with U2’s first single off the album, ‘Get On Your Boots’…


White Lies - "To Lose My Life..."

White Lies - "To Lose My Life..."


White Lies are an English alt-rock band, who draw immediate comparisons to bands like The Bravery, Interpol and The Killers. They haven’t got much press in Australia, but in the UK this album got to number 1 in late January. Although I think when they start touring here, most likely at the end of the year, their popularity will skyrocket. They released two singles in 2008 and have taken their time to release their debut album, it shows. Every track sounds really polished and no track falls behind the others, this makes the album extremely easy to listen to in full, which is definately a plus for me. The tracks ‘Death’ and ‘From The Stars’ are my favourite track’s from the album, ‘Death’ is brimming with energy and ‘The Price Of Love’ is just so epic.

The one thing Interpol and other early 2000’s bands like The Bravery have failed to do, is make album that feels new and fresh, they all still feel like they’re trying to better their first albums. White Lies have built on what Interpol and The Bravery have done and made the album sound like it was made now. I really feel that this album will stick and become one of my favourites of this year.

The Price of Love


U2 - "No Line On The Horizon"

U2 - "No Line On The Horizon"


I have to admit that I’m not exactly a fan of U2, despite some really good songs and albums, they still don’t grab my attention. Usually. When I heard ‘Get On Your Boots’ it really grabbed my attention, the bluesy White Stripes-esque guitar licks and the riff strangely sounding like it was written by Tom Morello just sounded different to anything I’d heard from U2 before. I think the fact that they have found as many modern influences as other influences makes the song sound really refreshing. Another really good song from the album is ‘Breathe’, starting with a guitar riffs over piano the songs morphs in to a ballad of sorts.

The are some really good songs on this album, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. I think the reason for that is that the first few songs sounded boring and too pedestrian. But the fact that there are songs like ‘Get On Your Boots’ and ‘Breathe’ on it make up for it.

I think it’s a solid album and but I think they missed out on an opportunity to make a really good album, I hope the album does well commercially because the band really tried to make something different and I really respect that.

Get On Your Boots


Thanks for reading my first review at wordpress and I hope you liked it…


~ by Michael Hodder on February 22, 2009.

2 Responses to ““To Lose My Life…”, “No Line On The Horizon””

  1. I have a lot of respect for Bono and U2. All the same, nothing on this CD has grabbed me. It is my opinion that this isn’t close to being U2’s best and certainly pales in comparison to their last two albums.

  2. I really like your personal review.

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