Other Lives

Other Lives

Other Lives

Other Lives’, a band originating from Stillwater, Oklahoma, ties together nice uses of acoustic guitar and piano to create fervent, rich songs, reminiscent of ‘Coldplay’s’ earlier debut albums. Those familiar with ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ or ‘Parachutes’ will find similar elements present in this album.

Personally, I do find this album quite interesting – it’s easy to listen to, you can just sit and relax, or work consistently – there aren’t any great shifts in tone. ‘Other Lives’ predominant use of the piano is consistent, and adds for a nice touch. Occasionally, there are inclusions of violin, and somehow they bring it together in other circumstances, with an acoustic guitar. No songs are of great length, other than their final, ‘Epic’ appropriately named and placed. Their opening track ‘Speed Tape’ is also fitting. The music itself, the lyrics, are quite dark, despondent, distant, pessimistic. But they do pick up here and there, in hopeful places.

Lead singer Jesse Tabish is an instrument unto himself – I don’t think at all that this album would have made it without Tabish, personally.

The icing on the cake.

I recommend ‘Black Tables’, a track appearing also in the hit television series [I don’t know what people personally see in it, however:] ‘Ugly Betty’. Other than that, ‘Matador’, a nice little feature with a flourishing Spanish Trumpet together with castanets is a bizzare combination with Tabish, acoustic guitar, and percussion. ‘Epic’ is a magnificent ending, a perfect little waltz – just right. Piano, Strings…


Overall, I’d have to rate this album: ‘four-and-a-half chickens outta five’. It does it for me, I’d recommend listening before buying, though, it’s an acquired taste. With age, this band should grow, evolve into something different. That’s if it manages to get off its feet with this debut.

We live in hope…

Until when,

The Enantiomorphic God


~ by enantiomorphicgod on March 19, 2009.

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