“Rearrange Beds”, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”

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An Horse - "Rearrange Beds"

An Horse - "Rearrange Beds"


“Rearrange Beds” is the debut album of Australian two-piece, An Horse, the band had the opportunity of touring with the likes of Tegan & Sara and Death Cab For Cutie in 2008. Comprising of Kate Cooper (Iron On) on guitar and vocals and Damon Cox (Intercooler) on drums, An Horse is definitely a band to watch for.

They haven’t got much recognition here in Australia, but overseas they’re one of the most hyped bands around. Playing The David Letterman Show recently, shows that they are a band that is going to be around for a long time.

“Rearrange Beds” starts off with the love song ‘Camp Out’, it’s a gem of a song and is one of the sombre songs on the album. But the centrepiece of the song is Kate Cooper’s vocals, similar in style to that of Tegan & Sara’s but more genuine. The Jebediah-esque guitar on the title track is something to listen for, as is the Tegan & Sara-esque ‘Scared As Fuck’, but the sublime ‘Postcards’ is the obvious stand out in my opinion. The strength of the album though is it’s consistency, every song is followed by another good song and you find yourself listening to the whole album with ease.

The songs are simple and catchy, but they do have an aura of intelligence about them and I don’t know why this band isn’t getting the recognition it deserves in Australia.

If you like the band Tegan & Sara this album is a must, but this is an album that should appeal to most people.

Camp Out


Phoenix - "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix"

Phoenix - "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix"


The wonderfully named “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” is Phoenix’s fourth album and the French band have made their most infectiously catchy album yet. People might have heard their song ‘Long Distance Call’ from their last album, “It’s Never Been Like That”. “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” is similar in style to “It’s Never Been Like That”, but they have built on it and made an extremely solid album.

The first three songs on the album are indie-pop masterpieces, the opener, ‘Lisztomania’, is based around a two note piano/keyboard riff, reminiscent of some of LCD Soundsystems songs. It has a simple concept and seems to be a perfect start to the album. The electronica inspired ‘1901’ is another extremely simple song and sounds like The Presets wrote a song with Regina Spektor. ‘Fences’ is the most pop sounding song on the album and while I think that this may sound like a bad thing, it definitely isn’t.

I couldn’t skip the genius song ‘Love Like A Sunset’, think ‘Goodbye, Travel Well’ by The Killers crossed with LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Someone Great’. It has what both songs lack and is proof that Phoenix aren’t a kiddie pop band. Building up to a climax, then morphing into a song that features acoustic guitar, this song is definitely the centrepiece of the album.

I never expected this album to have such an effect it did and I really do recommend this album if you are looking for something light and optimistic.



~ by Michael Hodder on March 22, 2009.

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  1. And just when I was thinking about reviewing ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’ you convieniently steel it away – very good, I’ll have to listen to it. And the other, very well done!!! 😛

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