“True Romance”

Golden Silvers are a band that I think will become pretty successful, the best way to describe them is a British piano-driven MGMT. They’ve already got airplay on UK radio and it seems as though as they could make it big on the back of this album. They have also gotten a lot of exposure from their appearance at Glastonbury last year.


Golden Silvers - "True Romance"

Golden Silvers - "True Romance"


“True Romance” is the debut album from Golden Silvers, and they have picked up from where MGMT and Vampire Weekend left off. But what makes them unique is their combination of Radiohead-esque electronic samples and Coldplay style piano songs. They have obviously been influenced by a truckload of artists and their interpretation of their music is amazing.

The opening song, ‘Another Universe’, starts with a synth and a pulsating drum beat, it then morphs into a soft piano song that is extremely impressive. Another gem is ‘The Seed’, a haunting song that has a electronic drum beat that is reminiscent of beat from Radiohead’s ‘Amnesiac’ album, in my opinion this song is the best on the album and they have nailed the sound that sums them up. The piano on this song is an achievement on its own, there has not been a band that has written a piano song with such sorrow in it for a long time.

The most intriguing song is ‘Arrow of Eros’, because it sounds like it was written in the 80’s and while it does start off slow, it does become a really groovy song, that includes a trumpet. I love bands that are able to make songs that change and Golden Silvers are a band that does this quite impressively.

Golden Silvers have proven with this debut album, that they are here to stay. I hope that they get exposure outside of the UK, because they are a band that I reckon could be popular all over the world.

“True Romance” is not one very best album for the year, but it is an impressive debut album and if you like Coldplay, but also enjoy a bit of electronica, then this album may be for you. Golden Silvers are a bit inconsistent at times, but nonetheless, they are a band to look out for in the close future.

The Seed

~ by Michael Hodder on March 29, 2009.

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