“Metric” – ‘Fantasies’ & “Shortwave Fade” – ‘Deletia

Well, as my counterpart would strangely agree, this week has been a hectic one, and despite been eager writers for our blog, school has somehow managed to tangle us up in frantic delays, namely, speeches, which commenced early Monday morning, and persisted through to the wee-hours of the afternoon – but who gives a toss, right?! You’re here for music reviews, and we’re here, pumping them out for you twenty-four-seven…

[says under breath]: you ungrateful bastards….

Anyways, on with the epic – as is usual, it’s the old ‘flick through a number of albums until I find something worth listening to’ ploy, and I decided, “What the heck, they sound interesting, one of them’s recommended!!!” So, opening up this new post, band ‘Metric’ and their album ‘Fantasies’. Accompanying this well-strung. female-vocalist album, we have a not-so-crash-hot companion, ‘Shortwave Fade‘s’ latest brew: “Deletia”, which, extraordinarily, sounds almost exactly like ‘Fantasies’, minus the female vocalist…

'Metric' - "Fantasies"

'Metric' - "Fantasies"

Lightbulbs on the covers of albums seem to be a must these days, here we have the typical ‘idea’ bulb. But besides that, this album is a good listen to those who like rock, indie – there’s very little electronica, if you could even call it that. If I had to try and compare this band to another of its liking, I’d have to say the ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’, they’ve got a wonderful female vocalist, and so does ‘Metric’.

To my disappointment, I ran through this album once, just sitting, waiting for a special something in the music. But no vibe came, a week passed, and now I’m back. I saw no replay value whatsoever in this album, it was a once-listen scenario and I thought I’d never get back into it…

But, occasionally, it happens, and obviously a week was enough for me, and I found this album out all over again, from a different perspective. There are some catchy rhythms in this album, some you’ll find yourself – oh, I hate to say the word – jigging to. Their opening track ‘Help I’m Alive’ is infectious, and if you don’t love it the first time, the second, or the third, well, then you’re just plain weird – coming back to this track, I just love the synthesised beat, the vocals, and lyrics: “BEATING LIKE A HAMMER!”

I’m still tossing up whether or not the second half of the album is better than the first, but listening to it again has reaffirmed my decision that after the fifth track, “Gold, Guns, Girls”, not much else really mattered. This would have to be my utmost favourite of the entire album, it sums up three things that make the world go round; a strong guitar, some tacky percussion that works, somehow, and an interesting shift in beat with its inclusion of the singer.

So, now it comes down to whether pocket-value-wise, it’s worth scrounging up some spare dough to go out and buy this album. If it came down to it, in some circumstance, for say, five, ten dollars,  I’d say you were paying a modest fee. Anything over, and you’ll find yourself pulling it off the shelf ten years later covered in dust – you’ll reminisce and think to yourself “just what on Earth was I thinking when I bought this???”. It’s got a little bit of replay value, but nothing significant…

Three-and-a-half lightbulbs outta five, should do the trick – good for a listen on the odd occasion, nothing to froth-at-the-mouth over.

'Shortwave Fade' - "Deletia

'Shortwave Fade' - "Deletia

Every time, there’s always one – “Deletia” really disappointed me, I expected more from its caption, but I came across a rock band with a little bit of synth, a little bit of rock, an ordinary vocalist, with ordinary lyrics, and an ordinary album.

I could really just sum it up there, but I think you’ll want me to go into greater detail: [Sighs and moans from the audience]

I stated previously that ‘SF’ “Deletia” was like listening to “Fantasies”, same sort of elements, with a different singer. And its true, just minus the replay value. I’m back a week later after first listening to it, and I still can’t find anything to attach myself to. We’ve got the typical guitar, the drums, etc, etc, etc – there’s sometimes the inclusion of piano, but I just don’t think ‘SF’ handles it well enough. Track Five: “Now We Are Weapons” just utilises the piano to enhance it’s overall beat, whereas the instrument in itself is so much more versatile.

I can’t even begin to distinguish any track from one and other, they all just meld together to form an awful mess – whereas I can distinctly remember, for instance “BEATING LIKE A HAMMER” from “Help I’m Alive”. There really isn’t that much here that I can talk about, now that I come to think of it.


[Throws in trash]

If you bought it, I pity that poor, poor, CD, MP3, or Amplifier and Speaker-set you have to torture just to listen to this album, spare the thought of buying it – A buck, maybe, and then a slim chance. But, well, there’s no need for a second mortgage on the house, don’t worry!!!

Rating… Rating… hmmm…

Two outta five trash cans, minus the banana peels, extra olives, no anchovies…

Until when,

The Enantiomorphic God


~ by enantiomorphicgod on March 31, 2009.

4 Responses to ““Metric” – ‘Fantasies’ & “Shortwave Fade” – ‘Deletia”

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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  3. Check out my HOUSE REMIX of “Gold Guns Girls” here-> http://bit.ly/fzqOR7

    If you like it, please click the blue VOTE button on the right


    -Kid Klassic

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