“Swoon” (Joint Review)

Hmmm… A joint review, I don’t know how this will turn out, but I’m sure it’ll be intriguing to see both of our views on the album.

So time to sit back and enjoy the wonders of debate.


"Swoon" - 'Silversun Pickups'

"Swoon" - 'Silversun Pickups'


The Silversun Pickups have just realeased their second album and they have moved towards a heavier and more fast-paced style of music. Some people may remember the song ‘Lazy Eye’ from their first album, it reached the top 30 of triple J’s Hottest 100 and recieved some exposure through airplay and critical acclaim.

The first single off taken from the album is ‘Panic Switch’, a fair enough choice considering it is probably the best song to showcase their new heavier and darker sound. But if you find yourself not enjoying the song, there’s other songs on the album that may be more to your liking. The song ‘There’s No Secret This Year’ is fast-paced and has an surprisingly effective double-track for the vocals. It also showcases the band’s ability to write songs that change pitch and rhythm in the middle of a song, and while this means that it may be hard to remember which song has “that really cool bit”, this creates a situation where it’s really easy to listen to the album in it’s entirity. Then when the song finishes, there is an amazing prelude to my favourite song from the album, ‘The Royal We’.

‘The Royal We’ incorparates a really intriguing orchestral backing that adds a sense of urgency to the song. But the best part of the song is it’s catchiness, the lyrics are really easy to remember and the distortion guitar adds something extra to the song.

Most of the songs start off with soft jazzy guitar riffs and I think this keeps the album from being to different to their first album and allows the band to change their sound without to much murmour from their fans. And I think this will show a lot of bands (I’m looking at you, Bloc Party and Kings of Leon) that there are ways to change your sound without alienating fans and causing a lot of fans to stop listening to the band. Looking at some fans reactions to ‘Swoon’, there is no doubt that they are enjoying the new album and think that it rivals ‘Carnavas’.

‘Swoon’ is an album that I predict will recieve praise from critics, and while I sometimes totally disagree with such critics, this is an album that deserves all the praise it gets. Fans of the band’s first album will more than likely enjoy the change in sound but it may take a few listens to really “take it all in”.

So I would definately recommend the album, especially if you are into indie-rock. I’m pretty confident in saying that this album is in my top 5 albums for the year so far. And if you are part of the small minority that doesn’t enjoy at least some of the album, then you are missing out on a band that has created an extraordinary album.


~ by Michael Hodder on April 3, 2009.

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