“Swoon” – ‘Silversun Pickups’ – JOINT REVIEW!!!


Kiddies, just what you’ve been waiting for, the all-powerful Enantiomorphic God and the devil-in-disguise himself, Michael Hodder – YES, YOU GUESSED IT! Have teemed up in their reviewing ‘duo’ to bring to you the best music has to offer. Hot off the lists, ‘Silversun Pickup’s’  second full-length feature album. For those of you who can remember, back in good-ol’ Jully ’05, ‘SP’ exploded onto the music forefront with their debut EP “Pikul“. And, well, I am absolutely, positively certain that I’m going to follow these guys around as they mature into a vintage wine…

[drinks from bottle]

… Anyways, here we’ve got a first-class band [finally] after the long wee-hours of searching in the early morning. Hodder, my old chum, thankyou for gluing my eyelids open, I never would have persevered through the endless lists to find such a gem as “Swoon”. Lead Singer Brian Aubert, and I quote, admits – “… some songs are very quiet and delicate… others are just f%^&ing loud.” Aubert‘s ‘elegance’ – if you could call it that – just about sums it all up there.

"Swoon" - 'Silversun Pickups'

"Swoon" - 'Silversun Pickups'

Where to begin:

Nearly 100% of the time, you’ll find I’m am utterly and totally partial to ambient-music, acoustic, indie, or just some simple rock. Anything on the cusp of becoming heavy, any of that emo – ‘oh, I love this song, it’s so dark and heavy, I have black hair’ – kind of stuff, well. Garbage. Let’s put it this way, if I can’t hear what on EARTH the lyrics are, or what they could possibly be about, then it’s ‘out the window with you’.

And, well, “Swoon’s” opening track was tredding on thin ice. ‘There’s No Secrets This Year’ came onto the cutting board. I was skeptical, I was on the verge of just skipping onto the next track. If I want to dislike something, by god, I’ll endeavour to nitpick and find something totally wrong with it.

But, within its heavy overtone, there was Aubert, persevering through the muck of guitar, percussion and bass. Although I would have to admit it wasn’t one of my favourites, and expected the following tracks to be similar in appeal, I was proved wrong. Among my favourites of the album, the third track – ‘This Royal We’. It opens with a subtle violin, a full-blown Aubert, some light percussion, some scratchy bass/guitar, evolving as the song progresses from stage to stage. It came to me, that if you take certain aspects of band ‘The Butterfly Effect’, you find Aubert himself has a Punk-nature to his voice, and the overall album mirrors – if only slightly – ‘TBE’s’ “IMAGO”.

But don’t hold that against ‘Silversun Pickup’s’ “Swoon” – it pales in comparison to this little marvel. Track four – ‘Growing Old Is Getting Old”, destroyed what little doubt I had left within, and sparks of hope began to fly. Here, we’ve just got a beat. The beat, beat, beat of a drum, Aubert in what I think happens to be his best usage yet, some flitting ambience, fitting lyrics for a fitting song. Near its end, full blown guitar, scratching its way into your brain. And it just gets better, and better, and fantastically BETTER!

I could drone on and on about each and every track, and I’m just trying to give you an overview, a simple summary if you would. I strongly suggest, this April, mark your calendars peoples, the 14th is going to be a blast. Dig deep – no more than $15, if you can help it – “Swoon” is going to end up partnered with your other albums.

Unless you totally abhore it…

In that case, don’t dip into your pocket…

If you’ve made it this far down the review and you totally disagree with me, quit reading and click that little button at the top of the screen that says ‘BACK’.

All better?

Good: So, rating this album. It jumps between soft and loud, it’s got a good mix of everything, some sound brilliant, others are generally good. I think four outta five lightning-strikes should do – it’s pouring outside at the moment – and, well, this album is sure to either leaved you singed from top to bottom, for better or worse.

Until when,

The Enantiomorphic God


~ by enantiomorphicgod on April 3, 2009.

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  1. Wow, this brings back memories – the first one!!!

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