“Fork In The Road”

Today I review the recently leaked album from the legendary Neil Young. I saw him at the Big Day Out earlier in the year and was seriously impressed with one the new songs, ‘Just Singing A Song’.


Neil Young - "Fork In The Road"

Neil Young - "Fork In The Road"


“Fork In The Road” is a conceptual album about Young’s 1959 Lincoln Continental, that he recently has modified to run entirely on “clean power”. The album is definitely for the road, but on it’s own it does stand up alongside his back catalogue.

The songs are all heavy and electric, with the exception of ‘Light A Candle’, which is a really sorrowful acoustic song. The songs aren’t some of his best but in the end, they are remeniscant of his early releases with Crazy Horse. The best example of this, is my favourite track from the album, ‘Just Singing A Song’, which does sound very similar to ‘Down By The River’ and ‘Cowgirl In The Sand’. The likeness is obviously a good thing, but overall the album does seem outdated, just a little bit.

I have to highlight ‘Light A Candle’ as well, because it the only acoustic song on the album. It is a sorrowful and bluesy song that really showcases Young’s song writing, in that he is a bit out of the comfort zone writing such a bluesy song.

The lyrics are the thing that holds the album together and makes it relevant today. They are a bit straight forward at times, but there is still a sense of relevance in them. His voice has dropped off a bit and at times his wavering voice falls away, which is to be expected of a 63 year old. But overall, his voice is still one of the most unique and haunting in music.

The album has some heavy and classic riffs, but it isn’t one of his best. Despite this though, an average album from Neil Young is as good as most albums released.

If you want an album that can be listened to on the road, then this will blow your mind, but otherwise, unless you’re a fan of Young, I wouldn’t be lining up to buy the album.


~ by Michael Hodder on April 4, 2009.

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