“It’s Frightening”

Another day another review, today I’ll be reviewing White Rabbits’ second album, “It’s Frightening”, it’s a really good example of well produced indie-rock.


White Rabbits - "It's Frightening"

White Rabbits - "It's Frightening"


This is White Rabbits’ follow up album to ‘Fort Nightly’, which gave them the opportunity to tour with acts such as Kaiser Chiefs and The Walkmen. Their second album is more refined and will gain them more exposure on the music scene.

“It’s Frightening” was produced by Spoon’s Britt Daniel and the band has obviously been influenced by Spoon greatly. It does actually sound like a Spoon record, but nonetheless it has a bits of individuality that really separate it from such bands.

White Rabbits have taken little riffs and concept from everywhere, like ‘Lionesse’, which sounds like a post-apocalyptic piano-driven James Bond theme. It makes the album a little bit less original, but in the end the songs are good and that’s the main thing.

The opening song ‘Percussion Gun’ starts with a tribal drum beat that sets the pace for the whole album. Then the guitar starts, the riff is infectious and you be able to get it out of your head. The best part of the song though, is when it breaks down to a deep piano riff, that gives the song a bit of groove.

The song, ‘Midnight And I’ is an absolute gem, it’s simple and has a deceptively quick drum beat. The softness of the song is its biggest advantage, it sounds like a song that you could sleep to and the singer (who sounds astonishingly similar to producer Bitt Daniel) sings with a slur and holds back notes to create the sense of tiredness, but just so you don’t fall asleep a trembling guitar comes in and sets up the next track.

The album is really erratic at times, but the quirkiness and catchiness of the songs make up for this. I really enjoyed it and it is a really good album to satisfy the need for a new Spoon album.

If you enjoy bands like Spoon and Cold War Kids, then this album needs to be listened to. Even if you don’t though, the album may provide some moments that you enjoy.


~ by Michael Hodder on April 5, 2009.

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