“Smoking Gun”

Early last year I found this duo called Angus & Julia Stone, I’d heard a lot about them but never really listened to them. I was amazed with how good they were, and I recommend to anybody that reads this to listen to their album, “A Book Like This”.

Angus Stone recently recorded his debut solo album under the alias ‘Lady of the Sunshine‘ and it was finally released in Australia on Friday. To all the Angus & Julia Stone fans, don’t worry, their second album is set to be released later this year.


Lady Of The Sunshine - "Smoking Gun"

Lady Of The Sunshine - "Smoking Gun"


“Smoking Gun” is a lot heavier than I thought it would be, there are songs that are soft, but there are also some really good rock songs on the album as well. It’s a lot more personal than his other musical project, especially in regards to the music, but the lyrics are also extremely personal.

The first single, ‘White Rose Parade’, is a spacey rock song that really is a credit to Angus Stone, because it shows that he can write songs other than the indie-folk stuff in Angus & Julia Stone. His voice is angsty, but he does do a good job of rock vocals and at times nails it.

My favourite track from the album is ‘Anna’, it’s dark and strangely catchy, it also incorporates a keyboard that gets the song to the next level. It then fades away to the next track, ‘Kings Black Magic’, which is the most interesting song on the album, because it becomes an edgy blues song, which sees Angus Stone yell “Wake Up, You’ve got the blues!”.

This album is remarkable, it shows that Angus Stone is one of Australia’s best songwriters and it makes the next Angus & Julia Stone release even more hyped. The transitions between the rock/blues songs and the alt-folk songs is done amazing well, and despite the different genres it covers, the album stays seemingly consistent throughout.

“Smoking Gun” is one the best Australian releases so far this year and with a new album from Angus & Julia Stone later this year, Angus Stone is not going to escape popularity for much longer.

~ by Michael Hodder on April 7, 2009.

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