“God Is Saying This To You” – Kurt Vile & “Constellations” – Salim Nourallah

I said to myself just before my holidays started – which, as of now is in its fourth day – that I’d try to pry myself away from the machine, the internet and all things electronically unclean, and get down to some work.

Never happens…

Found myself scouring the web for your interests people, picking out albums, listening to them. Came across two I thought would be reasonably well to pair themselves against each other. Whereas my counterpart – and no offense intended to him, his reviews are my music highlights of the week – seems to obsess over the VERY BEST music in general has to offer, just before I manage to scoop it up as one of my goodies. My point being, I managed to get you these two albums you’ll forget overnight, just to prove to you peoples out there that think music blogging is all great music and great fun! And I know you all are just craving my opinions, aren’t you?

Well, hot off the music block this week, we’ve got Kurt Vile in his lyrical adequacy “God Is Saying This To You”. Fighting over god’s affection is the not-so-talented, not-so-crafty, not-so-good “Constellations” by Salim Nourallah. And we’ll see just why this is so:

"God Is Saying This To You" - 'Kurt Vile'

"God Is Saying This To You" - 'Kurt Vile'

Well I hate to compare him to the lyrical-legend ‘Bob Dylan’, but ‘Kurt Vile’ uncannily has the beginnings of a lyric-adept working in tandem with one’s faithful acoustic guitar, stirring within; he’ll need some work in the oven, though. You’ll find yourself sitting back to an album ‘lovingly’ crafted, but lacking overall, in strong body and direction. There won’t be anything that grabs your attention, unfortunately, with a majority of ‘Vile’s’ songs lasting no longer than a minute or two. And these, strangely, have no likeness whatsoever to any of ‘Vile’s’ other tracks.

Let’s take a look, for example, at some of his ambient mixes, and you can usually tell when one of these comes up onto your speakers – no ‘Vile’, just a blaring wash in and out as the pan messes with your mind. A wailing guitar seems just enough to make music, in these little accompanyments. And they unnervingly appear here and there, like little intermissions, breaks from a strangled voice crying in the dark, and a sorrowful, deep and passionate guitar. Taking, for example the third track “Red Apples”. Without having listened to the entire album, one would assume a quality like this and apply it to all others. You just don’t know what to suspect.

And I think I was mentioning this before with another album, what was it…

[it must have been that forgettable, The Enantiomorphic God thinks to himself as he scans through the endless lists of albums on his hard drive]


“Red States”. That was the one. Here, we’ve got some spaced out ambience, tied in with some bluesy-acoustic, and a ‘deep-and-meaningful’ ‘Kurt Vile’, making an absolutely abismal failure of an album. If I had to scour through it just one more time and find just one memorable song, I’d have to agree it would be “Beach On The Moon”, a good representation of ‘Vile’ at his best. Here, the rough-and-gentle strum of his acoustic work well with his lyrical talents that echo about wildly. “Nicotine is in your dreams,” is such an example – it’s what you should expect from ‘Vile’, dark and insidious – also, memorably, “Get your head outta your ***”, one can’t help but remember the naughty-words and snicker fondly.

Overall, it comes down to money and ratings, doesn’t it? Does ‘Kurt Vile’ by my retelling of “God Is Saying This To You”, truly convince you to bother to go out and purchase such an album???

I don’t think it does…

There’s nothing here to hold onto, there’s maybe a song or two, but enough to keep that head of yours stuck up your ***. No offense intended, but that five, ten, or even twenty-dollar note of yours could be better spent or even saved – who knows when you might crave the sweet, sweet smell of money??? Two-dollar shop, defenitely, pick it up – buy-one-get-one-free sale, go for it. But your speakers, or headphones, or IPOD, or whatever people use to listen to music these days, WILL HATE YOU FOR IT!

Rating it, this album is worth 4-minutes-and-21-seconds of your time [the exact length of “Beach On The Moon]. Flick to it, leave the rest…

"Constellation" - Salim Nourallah

"Constellation" - Salim Nourallah


Just when you thought you’d read enough, here comes “Constellation”, an album pieced together with happiness and sadness to bring you something reminiscent of ‘Ben Lee’ and ‘James Blunt’. ‘Salim Nourallah’ inspires fear into the world, now that these two evil conspiring artists have been morphed together to form one super, giant… something…

I never want to hear the phrase “Western Hills” again in my life, not after the second track. I’m not even halfway through the entire album, and suddenly ‘Nourallah’s’ voice is becoming loathsome and overly sharp. Poorly strung acoustic, some electric-piano: something I thought was finished in the eighties. Holy mother of god, I was wrong – it was back, back with a veangeance. Not even the lyrics are worth salvaging.

[Do I need go on in my music-blogging career? The Enantiomorphic God ponders weak and weary, eyes and ears bleeding]

Nope, I’m not going even to bother rating it, it goes beyond rating. I mean, at least I liked ONE song in the afore mentioned album: now? Now I’m going to watch some mind-numbing television to erase the memory of “Constellation”. Cash? Don’t bother, people will have to pay you to buy it…

Until when,

The Enantiomorphic God


~ by enantiomorphicgod on April 8, 2009.

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