“These Four Walls”

I’m currently on holiday and wasn’t planning to write anything for the duration of the holiday, but there’s so much good music that I’ve got to get started on. In the next week I’ll review a number of albums, from a number of high-profile and not so high-profile bands. I hope you enjoy…

The first of these reviews will be a review of the debut album by the Scottish (accent and all) band We Were Promised Jetpacks, they’re a relatively new band and make music that resembles a lot of post-punk music, but the band Frightened Rabbit is probably the closest band in terms of genre.


We Were Promised Jetpacks - "These Four Walls"

We Were Promised Jetpacks - "These Four Walls"


We Were Promised Jetpacks are like Snow Patrol, in that they make a brand of music that is based around pop, but haven’t actually made a song that is a hit. But unlike Snow Patrol, I think We Were Promised Jetpacks will appeal to the indie market and if people aren’t too put off by the Scottish accent, the band will do quite well for itself. Putting all the trends and fashions of indie music aside, We Were Promised Jetpacks have made an important debut album and one that will make them one of the best new bands this year.

The album starts with a lone guitar, which is fitting because the guitar’s on ‘These Four Walls’ are the centerpiece of the album. As soon as you hear the voice of singer Adam Thompson, you will instantly find yourself in awe of his voice, because his Scottish accent fits the music so well, it makes the music sound honest, as if they aren’t trying to be anything they aren’t.

‘Quiet Little Voices’ is the first single taken from the album and is going to be released sometime in May, it’s easily the best song on the album, and this isn’t a dig at the rest of the album, the rest of the songs just don’t have the energy that ‘Quiet Little Voices’ has. It has the potential to be a real indie hit, and I would love to see it live, because it would be one of those songs that would ignite the crowd. The song really gets the album going again, and at track 7, it seems to be positioned for this purpose, I must admit, I did find the few tracks before ‘Quiet Little Voices’ a little boring, but after listening to the album a few times, I did find it gets easier to listen to the more you listen to it.

Overall, I think the album has enough good tracks to make it one of the better albums around, but in the end you feel a bit empty, because the band has the potential to make seriously good records. I for one, will be waiting in quiet anticipation for their next few albums, because I think they could be absolute gems.

The band might not have made their best possible album, but there’s enough quality to realise that this is a band that is going to make some very good albums in the future. If you like the band Frightened Rabbit and Snow Patrol, and you aren’t going to be put off by the Scottish accent, then I would definitely give this album a listen.


~ by Michael Hodder on April 13, 2009.

2 Responses to ““These Four Walls””

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  2. Enjoyed your review! Great album indeed, tight band and great songs, haven’t felt bored at all listening through the album. Wonderful rocky and quite songs on here, if you would like bands like the foals and snow patrol to mix their music together… we were promised jetpacks is your answer!!! (scotish accent is cool)

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