“Artefacts For Space Travel” – ‘Artefacts For Space Travel’ & “Other Arms” – ‘Redjetson’

This week, I’m thinking the ‘joint review’ wasn’t enough. I had a four-day-break from the internet after some holiday relaxation [sweet, sweet holiday relaxation], and just before I left I brought with me some music I thought I could listen to in a more in-depth way. Albums I would have thrown aside have come back to me from different perspectives, and I think I’m starting to broaden those horizons of mine: the boundaries I’ve set in the past are still strict, but I can let ’em bend a bit, here and there. And these two bands, I have to say, are an exception unto themselves. ‘Artefacts For Space Travel’ will blow you away – if you could possibly call them indie – and ‘Redjetson’, well.

I think this week’s pick is marvellous

"Artefacts For Space Travel" - 'Artefacts For Space Travel'

"Artefacts For Space Travel" - 'Artefacts For Space Travel'

I came across this shady album, say, three, pushing on four, weeks ago maybe [I’ve totally lost track of time]. It was just another one of those mindless picks. Decided that night, then and there, that it was rubbish. Didn’t deserve another go. And if I had have left it there, I probably would never have come back to it. But when the music-needs are dire, when you’re running low on steam and there’s only this and nothing else to pick from, beggars can’t be choosers.

So I took another crack at the unbreakable nut…

And I loved it – the second time round, the rock, although rough-sounding and sometimes untamed, became fresh – it was a change from the usual. When it’s all blaring, and in-your-face, I usually put it aside. But here, here we had solid music, here we had rhythm, and a vocalist reminiscent of ‘The Beatles’[almost, call me wrong if you aim to disagree]. I half expect ‘Artefacts For Space Travel’ to time-warp back to 1960 and start rocking on the stage. There is just something nostalgic about this album.

Alot is going on, so for lovers of singular-instrument-sounds – and by that, I mean, some lyrics and a piano/guitar/etc – I’d steer clear. “Artefacts For Space Travel” should have you tripping on their screeching bandwagon. They have a good mix of fast-and-slow paced tracks, some idle riffs that should blow you away, and some percussion that could use a tad more extra base. Take, for example their opening track ‘That Makes You Not Real’: I can’t get enough of that guitar in the background!!! And the trance-like singing, sure to have you hypnotised believing the world is really upside down. When we compare this to, say, oh ‘Dream Life’, we see ‘AFST’ is malleable in that it’s able to get out of the heavy-indie-hole it’s dug for itself…

Very infectious. If, after the third listen through – and there’s a lot to get through – you’re not glued, don’t worry, you’ll like it the fourth time round! It’s a solid, well-built album, good length for its songs, about an hour, tops for the entire playthrough. Listen, defenitely, before purchase – it’s an acquired taste, like oysters…

[That’s such a bad metaphor]

Down to value, I would actually raise the bar on this, maximum I’d be paying: somewhere in the 10 – $25 mark. You’ll get your extra bang for your buck, it’s worth a go on my amp, and I think your speakers or whatever, will love you for it in the long run!

Check out their myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/artefactsforspacetravel

Support the artist – four outta five oysters, a brilliant composition!

"Other Arms" - 'Redjetson'

"Other Arms" - 'Redjetson'

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this album – I thought it was another I’d listened to a month back and thought ‘yeah, it’s okay – might be worth a replay’. Turns out, never heard it. Goes to show you find something new everyday. And “Other Arms” is a gem I ignored for a while – and am guiltily taking penance for.

You’ll find ‘Redjetson’ is like a hybridised cousin of ‘Interpol’, evolved from a perplexing mix of ‘Green Day’ meets punk/indie. So, if you make any sense whatsoever from that sentence, you should know exactly what I’m talking about. The music is clean – the guitar is classic-electric, no tampering. The percussion is sharp and energetic, the vocals tie in masterfully with the music.

‘Clive Kentish’ [vocals] is ‘Redjetson’s’ secret weapon in this ensemble, without him, this band is worth disregarding. Every song is memorable. I’d highly recommend a solid playthrough – no listening to it whilst doing something else!!! It deserves your full attention so you can realise its potential.

From start to finish – and this is rare for an album – every song is worth it. They’re practically feature length, self contained. I’d expect for a band of its type to have tracks lengthing about two-three minutes, tops. ‘Redjetson’ has outdone itself, pushing on the seven-to-eight minute mark. “For Those Who Died Dancing” has to be to favourite for this album: “There’s no apocolypse…” will be ironed in your brain forever!

This juxtaposition between “Artefacts For Space Travel” and “Other Arms” serves to show how two bands can utilise the same principles, and yet, manipulate them into something else entirely. I’m giving “Other Arms” the thumbs up, worth about 10 – $20, again, four outta five apocolypses, guys – it’s defenitely worth watching the world burn four times!

Until when,

The Enantiomorphic God


~ by enantiomorphicgod on April 14, 2009.

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