“We Make Our Own Bad Luck” – ‘New Ruins’ [JOINT REVIEW]

We thought our readers loved our joint reviews so much, that The Enantiomorphic God and Michael Hodder, yes – you guessed it again – are teaming up once more to fight the devilishly desirable “We Make Our Own Bad Luck”. ‘New Ruins’ brings itself back into the limelight with this particularly well-crafted album, good for all listeners, with steady songs, a steady beat, what more could you possibly want?!

"We Make Our Own Bad Luck" - 'New Ruins'

"We Make Our Own Bad Luck" - 'New Ruins'

Pardon the image, peoples – I know, I know ‘it’s too small, what’s the point of having a picture if it’s too small?’ It’s there, okay, enlarge your browser, or whatever – come on, you guys. It should just be all about the music, what could be a better pick for a joint review than “We Make Our Own Bad Luck”. Comparatively, “WMOOBL” turns a lighter shade of green next to “Swoon”, but it pulls off an album worth listening to.

I can’t find another band quite like ‘New Ruins’ – here, we’ve basically got someone [finally] that stays within their genre-boundaries. It’s okay to mix and match and experiment with different styles across a number of albums, but I hate it when you get something bluesy, something happy just in one – “WMOOBL”: it has, arguably, a folk-like influence in its cat-strangled guitar sometimes, but balances this out with some simple rock, some easy-percussion and a raspy voice. Its lyrics reflect well on the albums theme [need I discuss that?], but fails miserably in track titles.

Take for instance ‘Angry Ghost’, featuring the lyrics “we make our own bad luck, we make our own bad luck” quite heavily, and you’d anticipate this sort of behaviour in, say, the last track, not the first – or throughout the entire album. But why bother naming this track ‘Angry Ghost’ – tossing the words in the lyrics doesn’t make the track about an Angry Ghost – more fitting is my suggestion ‘We make our own bad luck’. Example: “Day And Age” by ‘The Killers’, who feature their album’s title here and there in various tracks” Come on baby, I want a new Day and Age“. ‘New Ruins’ had something going…

Going… gone.

So lyric-wise, I suppose “WMOOBL” was on the right track, sort of. Don’t worry guys, it’s not your downfall. I can’t specifically pull apart each and every track – I’ve listened to “WMOOBL” about seven or eight times, and nothing grabbed me really. It’s good, the least to say. I think ‘Angry Ghost’ and ‘Lake’ , oh, for the heck of it, ‘Arrows’ too – were probably the best ‘New Ruins’ has to offer on this album. After a while, songs start to melt into one and other, and if you zone out, lyrics or no lyrics, guitar or no guitar, you’re not going to remember the middle of this album, just the beginning and the end.

[Strangely, much like 2001: A Space Odyssey]

So, A+ for consistency, ‘New Ruins’. One thing you’ll find on “WMOOBL” is consistency. B+ for uniqueness, sooner or later I’m bound to find somebody like them. Worth a spot on that dusty album shelf of yours, is it worth putting your precious amplifier through this okay-sounding composition???

I reckon, get it – it’s not going to hurt – a modest price, I couldn’t emphasise enough on that aspect. No more than $20 if you can help it. I think a generous three outta five, say, hoola-hoops; just think about it this way – if you love it, you’ll be dancin’! And if you don’t, at least you get some hoola-hoops!!!

Until when,

The Enantiomorphic God


~ by enantiomorphicgod on April 14, 2009.

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