“Escape From The Sun”

This band is a real find. The name of the band is Operahouse and their debut album is named, “Escape From The Sun”. Operahouse sounds like Muse began writing Keane songs, the band is both epic and expansive, while still sounding accessible.


Operahouse - "Escape From The Sun"

Operahouse - "Escape From The Sun"


From what I can gather about Operahouse, they are a five piece band that have been releasing EP’s and singles for 2 years now. They were signed by Dominic Hardisty, the same person who signed The Killers, and the band then got around to releasing the EP “Change In Nature”, which has a lot of the songs from this debut album.

The first single from the album is “Genius Child”, a softer song based around a synthesiser, though in the chorus’ the lead guitar arrives and it becomes a really mainstream rock song. In my opinion it’s not the greatest track on the album, but as a single, it’s the most likely to succeed and put this band onto the radar of lots of people.

Another favourite from the album is, “Change In Nature”, a song based around a Radiohead circa ‘No Surprises’-esque xylophone beat. It’s amazing how much energy the song has considering the pace of the song, it’s not all that fast-paced but it still feels lke it’s brimming with energy to burn.

The bands most telling song is the title track, “Escape From The Sun”, it showcases the bands ability to write epic songs, and when I write epic, I really do mean it. I particularly like when the bulk of the instruments stop and all you can hear is the bass, which sound suspiciously like a heartbeat. The song has an orchestral backing as well as confident and wavering vocals from singers, Alexander Kaines and Johnny Lloyd.

This debut album is a real achievement and the album itself is not dissimilar to the debut albums of Wolfmother and JET, while the bands are totally different in musical style, they all had written the songs on their album over the space of a number of years. Sometimes this means the second album isn’t as good (ie. Jet’s “Shine On”), but I believe that Operahouse is capable of replicating what they have done here in future albums.

The band would be amazing to see live, but I don’t know whether the band is doing any touring out here in Australia any time soon, although I would expect them to come out in 2010 sometime if they do recieve a bit of positive press.

I would recommend this band to anyone who enjoys Muse, but would like to listen to something more “mainstream”. This band is another part of the amazingly fertile UK music scene, with most of the new music either from the UK or being broken in the UK. Operahouse has a big future and this is surely one of the best debut albums for the year so far.


~ by Michael Hodder on April 18, 2009.

One Response to ““Escape From The Sun””

  1. Hey, I just came across this album, looks great. I love the cover, very sci-fi-esque…

    Def. worth a listen


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