“Science For The Living” (Joint Review)

Post-rock has been monopolised by three bands, Sigur Rós, with it’s amazing ambient soundscapes, Mogwai, with their edgy and heavy instrumentals and Explosions in the Sky, not lacking any indie-cred. With “Science For The Living”, Kyte has just announced to the world that they are able to mix it with the big guns of post-rock.


Kyte - "Science For The Living"

Kyte - "Science For The Living"


Kyte released their first album in 2008 to critical acclaim, with NME giving them high praise. The band toured extensively, mainly playing in the UK, Germany and Japan and they now are back with their second album.

Kyte immerses you in their music as soon as you turn on their second album, “Science For The Living”. The band uses electronica style beats, which allows them to stand out from other post-rock bands, this can be heard in the track, “Bridges In The Sky”.

The opening track is amazing, it alters the sound of some of the instruments (especially the wavering/echoing xylophone) and vocals, to bring that extra edge to the song. The vocals are amazing in their own right, subdued, but still stunningly affective.

My favourite track is definitely “Two Sparks”, built upon a Radiohead styled beat and a simple glockenspiel sounding instrument, it makes something very intricate seem extremely simple. It flows as wells as any other song I’ve heard and really is the centrepiece of the album.

Lengthwise I think it’s verging on a bit long, but that’s always going to be the case with good post-rock albums, so there’s no complaint there. But I think compared to classic album such as the brilliant “()” by Sigur Rós and “Mr. Beast” by Mogwai, it loses out and while it’s a seriously good album I don’t think it has really got the level that Sigur Rós and Mogwai have.

There’s no doubting whether this album is a great album, the focus is on how great it is. While I don’t want to compare the band to Sigur Rós, the comparison is inevitable and this may be the bands biggest problem. Nonetheless, “Science For The Living” is definitely a must and will end up one of the best albums for the year.

The band is having a large backing from NME, which is in my opinion the most influential music source in the world, and while it may be compared to amazing bands like Sigur Rós, there’s no doubting that there’s room for another band in the post-rock arena. Here’s hoping that they start to catch on big time.


~ by Michael Hodder on April 19, 2009.

2 Responses to ““Science For The Living” (Joint Review)”

  1. The Sigur Ros comparison is growing tiresome. You dont have to always look at the bigger picture, you cant compare a band that make music from their home in Leicestershire to what is essentially a Icelandic Orchestra.
    Whilst obviously Takk and () are incredible albums and Kyte take influence from some post rock, what they really make is Gentle Melodic Pop Music, with an experimental edge.

    They have only been a band for a really short space of time, you cant compare them to Mogwai or Sigur Ros, judge them at their own level and this is a very good second album. My personal highlight iss ‘Strangest Words and Pictures’ sounds like it oculd be about a girlfriend.

  2. I know, but what good bands do is make music that distinguish themselves from other bands. I think Kyte has done this, but you have to admit Sigur Ros is another band doing the same type/genre of music as Kyte.

    I also think it’s wrong to base the music of bands on their geographical location, as good music transcends that.

    You are right though, I did compare it unfairly, but I did try to listen to the album with an unbiased ear…

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