“Summer of Hate”

I’ve been waiting for a few albums to come out and in the next few days I will be reviewing them, but in the meantime, I’ll be reviewing an album that I recently listened to, by a band called Crocodiles.

Crocodiles are what my partner in crime would call “Hollow-Rock” (It’s sure to catch-on), which is basically a kind of lo-fi indie-rock. ‘Summer of Hate’ is their debut album and it’s an extremely solid one.


Crocodiles - "Summer of Hate"

Crocodiles - "Summer of Hate"


There’s a sense of innocence and youth coming from this band. They are a two-piece that hails from San Diego and despite some very harsh Pitchfork (elitists, cough…) reviews, they are gaining some really good press from sources such as Rolling Stone Magazine. Recorded during 2008, ‘Summer of Hate’ sees a band finding their feet on the musical landscape.

The album opens with an intro that builds on a post-rock-esque vibe and sets up the start to the centerpiece of the album ‘I Wanna Kill’, it’s an indie-rock anthem waiting to be unleashed on the world and uses a simple rock riff to set up a really catchy set of vocals. It reminds me of a 80’s style Beach Boys, and the song really grows on you.

‘Refuse Angels’ is a song that really keeps the album from losing it pace, using a very fast drum beat and a frenetic guitar riff, it sounds like it’s going to break apart, but somehow it stays at the point of controlled chaos. In the lyrics it mentions a Californian Sun, which is really interesting, because I wouldn’t call the album “joyous”, if anything it’s slightly depressing and dark. When I listened to the album again, an image kept popping into my head of a post-apocalyptic Californian beach, which is a very intriguing thought.

As an album it sounds really interesting, nothing really brings you back, with the exception of the songs ‘I Wanna Kill’ and ‘Refuse Angels’, and I think that’s the underlying issue with the album, it’s not exactly an album that you can put on heaps, you’ll definitely come back to the two songs just mentioned, but as an album its lacking.

Definitely a recommendable album, but in the long run I don’t think I’ll end up remembering too much of it. Give them a listen on their MySpace and more to the point, listen to ‘I Wanna Kill’ and a song that was released a while back called ‘Neon Jesus’. In the end I think most people will enjoy the band, it’s just a question of how much.

~ by Michael Hodder on May 1, 2009.

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