“As We Fall Into Static Our Hearts Sing”

I recently got a message from an artist asking if I could review his album, the artists name was Toma and he makes a brand of music that is a cross between My Bloody Valentine and Sigur Ros. AWFISOHS is his second full length album and it can be downloaded from here, along with his first album, ‘From Ruins’:

http://www.wiseowlrecords.com/releases/view/45 (AWFISOHS)

http://www.wiseowlrecords.com/releases/view/23 (From Ruins)


Toma - "As We Fall Into Static Our Hearts Sing"

Toma - "As We Fall Into Static Our Hearts Sing"


Toma is obviously a fan of artists such as Sigur Ros and My Bloody Valentine, when listening to the music I kept thinking of these bands. It’s a real shame that the album hasn’t been produced as well as it could have been, I’m not saying it’s badly produced, but the music is deserving of something much better, because it is the type of album that needs to have production make it as epic as it should be and has been written to be.

‘As We Fall…’ starts with the beautiful “Sins of A Solar Empire”, which gave me some high expectations for the rest of the album. The song itself is extremely epic and is based around an intricate drum beat that really enhances it.

The second track is based around My Bloody Valentine-esque guitars, and is backed up by faint and haunting vocals. Possibly the most fast-paced song on the album and is one of the better tracks on “As We Fall…”. It showcases the two influences fighting each other for dominance on the album and in the end post-rock takes over, that’s the one flaw of the album, it doesn’t focus on the one genre and for an album like this I think that’s really important.

My favourite track on the album is ‘This Is The End of Everything’ it’s a really amazing song and is largely a simple piano piece made into something a lot bigger in sound. The only negative of the song is that it only goes for 2:34, it really does deserve to be longer, especially when it could be the centrepiece of the album.

It’s an album of beautiful moments and some heavier moments as well, it’s remarkable that the guy hasn’t got much exposure and I just hope that people turn their heads and listen to this guy. The album is built upon some amazing song writing but it doesn’t sound as big or epic as it should be and this is largely due to the lack of professional production, I hope this guy makes it, because the music has such an amount of potential.

It’s not the greatest album ever made but, it’s no doubt one of, if not, the best post-rock albums for the year so far. From casual post-rock listener’s perspective, Toma has the potential to go places.

I’d whole-heartedly recommend this album to anyone who likes post-rock and shoegaze music, it’ll blow your mind. If you like ambient music, the same goes.

Also, check out his MySpace, it has the album streaming…


~ by Michael Hodder on May 3, 2009.

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