I don’t usually listen to electronic music, but sometimes I find a song that’s something special. One of these few songs was ‘Computer Camp Love’, a song off Datarock’s first album, their second album is coming up to a release date, but it leaked and I thought I might do a review of it.


Dataraock - "Red"

Dataraock - "Red"


Datarock released their first album in 2005 and triple j quickly jumped on the song ‘Computer Camp Love’ and at the end of the year it ended up on the Hottest 100 at #12. At a length of just over 40 minutes, Red is a perfect follow-up album, which achieves what their debut didn’t.

By looking just at the album cover, you can tell that the album will be a more mature album. It largely is but you can tell that they’re having a lot of fun writing the music. Datarock uses samples extremely effectively and this can be heard throughout the album, especially on the tracks ‘The Blog’ and ‘Amarillion’.

The opening track is ‘The Blog’, it starts with an 80’s style opening riff that then suddenly stops and a Prodigy-esque song comes to life. Samples of people talking about the internet as a technology are used as a hectic style of lyric. It’s a really interesting song, because it uses so many influences/samples.

‘Amarillion’ is my favourite track on the album, it’s a slightly more slower and optimistic song, it’s basically a love song, but what’s amazing about the track is how at the 2:40 mark it uses backing vocals that are samples/borrowed lyrics from other songs, the songs sampled (the ones I can identify) are ‘One Armed Scissor’ (At The Drive-In) and Changes (David Bowie) among others. They just give the song that extra touch of class.

It’s one of the few electronic album I can actually listen to, outside of the Aussie bands like The Presets and Midnight Juggernauts. It’s a remarkable album for this reason, there’s not one bad song on the album, which makes it a real pleasure to listen to.

Some people might say that Datarock has lost some of it’s humour on this album, but on Red the band has definitely added an extra aspect to their music and has really put them on the electronica scene for years to come. You’ve almost gotta approach the album from a different angle to their first album, if you do this you’ll find this album to be a joy.

When the album comes out, definitely give it a listen, because as I’ve said it’s going be one of my favourite electronic albums to date.


~ by Michael Hodder on May 5, 2009.

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