If you are in Australia and close to a TV tonight then turn to ABC2 at 9.30, because there’s a very interesting looking documentary called ‘Something in the Water’ about the Perth music scene. There’s been a very large proportion of bands coming from Perth in the last ten years, Karnivool, Bird of Tokyo, John Butler Trio, Tame Impala, Gyroscope, Eskimoe Joe, The Sleepy Jackson, The Waifs, The Panics and there’s still more. Little Birdy is another Perth band and today I’m going to review their new album ‘Confetti’.


Little Birdy - "Confetti"

Little Birdy - "Confetti"


I didn’t really know how to approach this one. Little Birdy’s previous material was easy to pick up and listen to, because of their catchy tracks and simplicity. They’ve been fairly popular in Australia over the past few years, but I think that this album marks the end of this popularity.

It’s not that I don’t like the album, to be honest I think it was a really honest, yet ranging album. But it doesn’t have a song that breaks away from the other songs and gets into your head, and that was the band’s biggest strength up to now.

The opening track (“Brother”) sums up everything I just said, It’s my favourite song on the album, but it doesn’t really jump out until Paul Kelly starts singing his backing vocals.  It’s a great appearance and the song benefits greatly from it, the biggest factor of the song is it’s honesty, it’s extremely personal. It’s a great song but in the end it’s not exactly a single.

The rest of the album is up and down, both in content and also in it’s optimism. At times the songs are incredibly dark, but at other times it’s optimistic right at the other end of the scale.

In the end, ‘Confetti’ is one of those albums that doesn’t really catch your eyes, but it’s not an album that got no merit. It’s not going to be rocketing up the ARIA charts anytime soon, Little Birdy may win over some new admirers, but will probably lose some of it’s fanbase in the process.

While I’m on the subject of Perth bands, Tame Impala are about to release a new single, ‘Sundown Syndrome’, it’s avaliable on their MySpace and If you liked their debut EP then this is a must. Hopefully a full length album will be released later this year…


~ by Michael Hodder on May 13, 2009.

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