“The Art Of…”

Every year a new band comes out of the wilderness and releases a great album that breaks them on to the music scene. In 2009, I have reviewed bands (White Lies, Passion Pit, Operahouse and Leader Cheetah, just to name a few) that have done or are about to do just this.

Today I’m going to review another debut album by a band that is almost certainly going to leave a mark on the ever-growing music scene. The albums called ‘The Art Of…’ and it’s by a band named New Cassettes.


New Cassettes - "The Art Of..."

New Cassettes - "The Art Of..."


New Cassettes are a band that sounds like early 00’s bands like Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and The Strokes. They have also toured with The Strokes, but what really makes them stand apart from other bands at the moment is the fact that they sound like an energised Bloc Party. Music has gone a fair way in 5 years and I know this may sound a bit weird, but it’s kind of refreshing to hear a band that’s making music that’s indicative to early naughties indie-rock.

The amount of energy that the band has and how the band uses it is quite amazing. If I was going to compare it to one band it would be the now broken up Adelaide band Bit By Bats, but unlike Bit By Bats, New Cassettes are a lot more mature with their sound and song writing and have something that not many bands have.

The strength of the album is in its shortness and it’s straight-to-the-point style of song writing. There’s not one song that goes for more than 4 minutes and while some people might dislike this, I for one, enjoy the simpleness of the songs.

The first song sets the pace for the whole album and the energy of the band never really lowers after the start. ‘Sore Eyes’ is a song that starts differently to what you would expect, but when the song actually starts rolling it’s quite infectious. It’s a song that’s probably been done before, but what’s astounding is the fact that, I don’t care. I don’t mind that it’s been done before, most music has been, but not much music is this good.

The whole album is fairly hard rocking as well, it’s got an extra edge to it and I think that what makes the album sound so good, while it does cover the same ground as other bands, it has that extra edge that I just mentioned.

Not since Bloc Party’s ‘Silent Alarm’ have I been so amazed by a first listen and regardless of how it sounds after 20 listens, I’m just ecstatic that I’ve been privileged to actually listen to the album. Putting all that praise beside, it’s probably not an album that’s going to grow on anyone, but to be perfectly honest I don’t know yet.

Everybody who reads this should listen to the band whether it’s on their MySpace or on CD, because indie-rock has rarely been played as well as this. Look out for this band, because they’re sure to go places.


~ by Michael Hodder on May 22, 2009.

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