Polyester Records*

A must for all music lovers. I know there’s probably some interstate readers catching our occasional blog, and hey! Maybe there are even a few Melbournians out there wondering where they can get their fix for all things vinyl, CD and non-mainstream. All I can say is for all our Australian, Victorian-based readers, even international – I’m sure the site ships overseas [and if it doesn’t, it should…] – Polyester Records* is the place to be…

The shop’s got a cozy, warm feeling to it. Non-mainstream music lovers will find themselves in musical-heaven, they’ve got it all. Getting bored of music? Hey, the Brunswick St Store‘s even got an old Star Trek* pinny in the corner. And, don’t be too depressed vinyl-lovers – here I was thinkin’ that vinyl had died! It’s making a resurgence, and Polyester Records* house quite a number of bands, ranging from the current fad-makers, to the classics. I’m honest about that vinyl-revival, now: it could die in the arse miserably, but if it kicks off another generation of vinyl-lovers, and keeps the flame burning bright and long, so be it.

Still, let’s set the records straight, here – CD’s far outweigh the vinyl, and at forty-bucks a pop AUD$, you’ll be clawing back to that small, shiny disc of yours, rather then out to buy a record-player. I know Hodder hasn’t been yet, but he’d be psychotic not to; ‘Japandroids’ “Post Nothing” is on his agenda, at the moment.

Pack your wallets, people!


Their Homepage – for further details, etc.

For Melbournians:

A = Brunswick St Location B = Collins St Location

A = Brunswick St Location B = Flinders Lane Location

Okay, further details include:

387 Brunswick St, Fitzroy [A] – PH: (03) 9419 5137

288 Flinders Lane, Melbourne [B] – PH: (03) 9663 8696

I’m sure there are many more – they even hold their own bizarre bookshop. But that’s a story for another review, for another blog, for another day. Just thought I’d keep everybody updated.

Until tomorrow,

The Enantiomorphic God


~ by enantiomorphicgod on June 4, 2009.

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