“Yeah So” – Slow Club

There’s hasn’t been many albums that have been anything more than average in quality in the past week, but the album I’m reviewing today, is bordering on being good and despite it’s flaws, it’s an album that’s really hard to dislike. The albums by English band Slow Club and is titled ‘Yeah So’.


Slow Club - "Yeah So"

Slow Club - "Yeah So"


Slow Club are an English band that make a very quaint folk-pop band that comprises of two members, which go by the names Charles and Rebecca. Slow Club’s songs have been featured in commercials and while this may be seen as tacky, it’s because a lot of these songs are very catchy and simple.

As I was saying before, it’s very hard to dislike this album. The songs on it are so simple and catchy, yet unlike a lot of pop at the moment, it’s very honest and not gimmiky. The most catchy and possibly the best song on the album is a song called ‘When I Go’, the two band members voices suit each others perfectly and this results in the song being very likeable and also makes the song sound special. Some wistleing is also included which makes the song sound very homely, to be honest after listening to this song I thought I was about to listen to a seriously good album, but after listening to the next song, I started to realise that it wasn’t going to live up to the extremely high standard I set for it after listening to the opening track.

There are some great songs after this first track, such as, ‘Trophy Room’, ‘Because We’re Dead’ and ‘Our Most Brilliant Friends’, but they’re all just on the verge of being really good. There’s so much to like about the album, but it doesn’t “click”, it doesn’t sound like what a really album sounds like, it’s an album I’d definitely recommend to anyone, but again, don’t go expecting an amazing album.

Slow Club have the songs to be a band with a fairly big cult following and they may even slip into the pop music scene, I really hope they do, they’ve got a really good ear for catchy songs. I really tried hard to like this band more than I did, but I just couldn’t, and I think that’s going to be something that will happen to a lot of people.

Check out their songs on MySpace and be sure to listen to the song ‘When I Go’, because it’s wonderful.


~ by Michael Hodder on June 12, 2009.

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