“Conditions” – The Temper Trap (Joint Review)

I think my counterpart first got me onto this band and as soon as got to listen to their song “Sweet Disposition”, I knew from that point that they’d be a somewhat popular band. They’ve taken their time to release this debut album and as you’ll soon find out I think they would have benefited if they had have taken some more time as well.

You’ve probably heard them already, but regardless keep an ear out for this band…


The Temper Trap - "Conditions"

The Temper Trap - "Conditions"


The Temper Trap is in my opinion the best up and coming Melbourne band and with ‘Conditions’, their first album they have made something that is extremely enjoyable to listen to.

Genre wise, they’re a a fairly generic mixture of pop and rock band, but they mix a little bit of organ and keyboards in. The bands strength is not in it’s ground breaking new genres, but rather in it’s song writing ability, the songs on the album are all really well written and at times infectiously catchy.

The first song on the album, “Love Lost”, starts with a very simple organ part, it gives you an indication on how the band approaches songs. They seem to build songs around small riffs or ideas and the result is songs that sound very simple, but also easily remembered.

You may have heard their first single “Sweet Disposition”, if you haven’t then you should definitely give it a listen, I guarantee it will be worth your while. It’s a got an opening that is somewhat borrowed from U2, but it’s transformed into something different to what U2 would ever think of doing, mainly because of the vocal style.

I also want to give a mention to the songs “Down River”, “Fader” and “Science of Fear”, because these songs make the album what it is, with out these the album would have lacked that something special.

I think I’ve talked enough about the positives of the album, now I’ll spend a little bit of time explaining why this album was a little disappointing for me and why it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Firstly, the band seem to have been too eager to record the album, I think a few extra months of writing would have made this album into an instant classic, but in the end some songs didn’t sound like they deserved to be on the album. I’m not saying those songs were bad, far from it, but if the album was to be amazing some of the songs would have to have been cut.

Secondly, it was always going to hard to make an albums worth of “Sweet Dispositions” and in reality that’s not possible, but the second single or the album didn’t really live up to my expectations. A lot of really good albums have great songs followed by other great songs, in the end I don’t think ‘Conditions’ has done that.

There’s not too much wrong with the album and the positives definitely outweigh the negatives, but if you were expecting something amazing from these guys then I think you’ll be in for a little disappointment. But after a week of listening to the album, I’m really starting to enjoy it for what it is and I do think it’s a seriously good album. Sure, the bands got a lot more potential, but you just can’t knock a good album too much.

The Temper Trap are a band on the move, ‘Conditions’ may be the album that breaks them even more onto the scene, but I’ve got a feeling their second album is the one to be waiting eagerly for. A definite 8.5/10.


~ by Michael Hodder on June 28, 2009.

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