“LP” – Discovery

This is going to be of the many reviews I’ll do over the next week. I’ll try for one a day, but it really depends on how many albums I listen to. There’s been a drought of sorts in the past week in terms of new albums and I’ve been saving some albums for the school holidays, which have come upon me quite quickly. I might even start these classic album reviews that my counterpart has been talking about.

Today I’m reviewing the debut album from Discovery, a side project for Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) and Wes Miles (Ra Ra Riot), it’s called simply ‘LP’ and proves to be surprisingly surprising.


Discovery - "LP"

Discovery - "LP"


Last year there were a few bands that made their names, one of these “up & coming” bands was Vampire Weekend. They released their self titled debut and it was one of the years best albums. The band’s also set to release their second album by the end of the year, but let’s forget about that and focus on a side project of Vampire Weekend member, Rostam Batmanglij.

Discovery is, as I said before, surprising. While Vampire Weekend was indie pop, largely built around guitars, but ‘LP’ is built around a synthesizer and electronic drum beats. This is probably not so surprising if you have a look at what Rostam Batmanglij plays in Vampire Weekend, he plays the keyboard and also produces them, but nonetheless the sound is surprising if you go into this band with little prior knowledge.

Discovery have achieved a very electronic kind of music that verges on being pop and it could even pass as a pop band, if not for it’s slightly experimental nature. The first song and single on the album is called “Orange Shirt”, unlike a few of the songs on the album, the synths are not overwhelming and that’s something that is, to be honest, quite refreshing. Like all the songs one the album though, it’s very catchy especially in the chorus’ and this is defining characteristic of the band.

‘So Insane’ is one of the stand out songs, mainly because of it’s more industrial sound. It sounds and feels like it’s been constructed, rather than written, but it proves to be a song that grabs hold and is really memorable. The changes in tempo are also there to make it more compelling, and it largely succeeds in it’s mission.

The song that’s most interesting is ‘I Want You Back’, which is a interpretation/reworking of the Jackson 5 song, considering the recent passing of Michael Jackson, and the constant playing of this song, it’s very interesting and compelling. It’s an extremely good cover, but note the wording I used before, it’s more of a interpretation of the song rather than a straight cover, which is the strength of it.

‘LP’ is an album that easy to like, but also potentially easy to hate as well. I’m on the positive side, but it’s far from perfect and for that reason it’s probably not going to stay with me for too long, it’s a great effort and at times it’s really interesting, but overall it doesn’t do enough for it to be anything more than good.

So, in the end I’ll give it a 7/10.


~ by Michael Hodder on June 29, 2009.

One Response to ““LP” – Discovery”

  1. …. Hmmm: affiliates of Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot. No wonder I couldn’t like it. Jks, Jks…

    I came across this little ‘surprise’ on nodata.tv – damn, there are slim-pickings at the moment.

    Neways, keep it up!!!

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