“Bitte Orca” – Dirty Projectors

I’ve been keeping this album up my sleeve for a while now, yet I’m still not sure about what I think about it. It’s a very twisted and disjointed form of pop and to date it hasn’t really caught me, though it has been an album that I’ve played a bit, because it is very relaxing and upbeat.

The album and the band have been pretty hyped and I’m still not sure what all this hype is all about but nonetheless, I’ll give the review a try and hope that I haven’t missed something.


Dirty Projectors - "Bitte Orca"

Dirty Projectors - "Bitte Orca"


Dirty Projectors is a project that is the brainchild of frontman/creator Dave Longstreth, he has released seven full length albums prior to ‘Bitte Orca’, but is still not a big name. Anyway, what drew me to this band was the fact that they were from Brooklyn, over the past few years some of my favourite bands have come out from Brooklyn and it really is a place where music is exploding. For your information, ‘Bitte Orca’ is due for release on June 9th.

As I mentioned before, the album is very disjointed and experimental in nature but what they are trying to achieve is almost “indie-pop” music. I don’t want to lump it into a genre, especially “indie-pop”, because it’s a style of music that no other bands really achieve, what sets it apart from other bands is the fact that they are prepared to really experiment with style and sound. The other day in my review of The Temper Trap’s new album, I said that the band wasn’t pushing any boundaries genre-wise, well this album is. It does make the album feel modern as it’s a type of music that you’ve probably never heard, it’s similar to a lot of genres and you can lump it into one of them, but really the band and album is charting new ground and setting up other bands for years to come.

My favourite track on the album is ‘Useful Chamber’, at six minutes, it’s the longest song on the album, and utilises what I called before a somewhat disjointed sound. Changing tempo a few times really allows the song to remain interesting and in your mind, but what really makes it a really good song is the part where it explodes, with the addition of guitars and then withdraws again. It makes the song sound very up & down, but I think that’s something that makes this song and also this album so easy to listen to, it is a wierd thing to say, usually an album that’s so uneven is hard to listen to, but Dirty Projectors do it so well, you can’t do anything but enjoy it or at least admire it.

I think I’m one of those people who will admire ‘Bitte Orca’, I’m not totally caught by it and I didn’t enjoy it as much as a lot of other albums I’ve listened to this year. But what it does do, that a lot of the bands haven’t done this year, is break new ground genre-wise and really make music that is truly experimental and ground breaking. ‘Bitte Orca’ may not be an album that will be remembered as a great album but it may be one of the more influential albums of recent times.

For these reasons I’m giving it a 8/10, it something that everyone should listen to, but don’t expect it to be something that you will really enjoy, don’t get me wrong you may enjoy it, but don’t be diappointed if you don’t, as you might get more out of it, if you come in from a different angle.


~ by Michael Hodder on June 30, 2009.

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