“Wait For Me” – Moby (Joint Review)

There are two things that draw me to an album, but one aspect is more important to me and a lot of the time proves to me whether I like the album or not. One’s the quality of songs and the more important one is the “playability”, or how easy the album is to listen to.

Moby’s an artist that has a reputation for making album that are eclectic and all over the place. This has meant that albums like ‘Play’ and ’18’ have not really stuck together as full pieces of music, ‘Play’ was close to being a really enjoyable listen throughout the whole album, but in the end it was too hard to listen to as a whole album.

‘Wait For Me’ is Moby’s new album and was written and made in his home. This actually makes the album’s track very similar to each other, which means that ‘Wait For Me’ could be the best “album” Moby has made to date.


Moby - "Wait For Me"

Moby - "Wait For Me"


It’s been 10 years since the release of ‘Play’ and while some of the albums released after ‘Play’ weren’t bad, they definitely weren’t good. His albums seem to include tracks that have been scattered around and while every song has it’s merit, they may not have a place on the CD, which is why ‘Wait For Me’ was such a surprisingly good album. Every song has it’s place and maybe the songs aren’t as good in quality as before, but the album is something that you can listen to in whole, which is why I’m starting to think that ‘Wait For Me’ is Moby’s best album he’s made.

‘Wait For Me’ starts with an orchestral intro track that sets up the listeners for the second track “Pale Horses”. It’s one of the better songs on the album and in my opinion really sums up the whole album. The lyrics are personal, the music is sombre and in whole it’s quite a dark song, which can be said about the album.

The key track though is “Shot In The Back Of The Head”. It was the first single and this is a unexpected choice because it is instrumental and not many singles are ever instrumental. But this song really transcends lyrics and when you’re listening to it, you don’t have the slightest feeling of dislike towards the track. It starts with one of Moby’s more ingenious riffs and samples, he uses a guitar in reverse and has played with the timing and as a result has made something that’s really unique.

The darkness of the album reaches a height with the song “Study War”, it’s has a vibe of regret and lyrically it’s talking about war and its “after effects” or that’s how I read it.

Moby’s albums never have a theme of sorts, ‘Wait For Me’ does and it sticks to that theme/feel/vibe and he really lets the feeling loose. It’s still a long album, at 16 tracks it’s probably a few tracks too many, but that’s the beauty of Moby, he seems to pack a CD with the maximum 80 minutes, but up until now I’d never really intently listened to one of his albums in full, so I’m a bit disappointed with the length of the album, but nonetheless it’s an extremely solid album and possibly one of the better albums of 2009.

There’s not too much wrong with this album and while it may not possess the quality of songs ‘Play’ did, it has a more homely feel and seems to follow a theme. In my opinion, you can’t really compare the two albums, because of their vast differences, but if you liked ‘Play’ then theer’s no reason why you wouldn’t like ‘Wait For Me’. If I had to give it a rating then it’d have to deserve a 8.5/10.


~ by Michael Hodder on July 5, 2009.

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  1. I’ll get around to this review some time in the next few days….



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