“Lungs” – Florence & The Machine (Joint Review)

Pop’s got a bad reputation and some may say pop too intelligent and too musical to be called pop, but for me pop is a kind of music that everyone can listen to, whatever genre they’re into. There’s no reason at all why pop can’t be intelligent, it’s just rare for a pop band to go down that path.

I’ve caught on a bit late on Florence & the Machine, they truly are one of the best “pop” bands that have arose in the past decade. The first time I listened to Florence & the Machine’s debut album, ‘Lungs’ I got shivers down my spine. It just hit the spot and it’s grown on me as well, it’s that good of an album.


Florence And The Machine - "Lungs"

Florence And The Machine - "Lungs"

Florence & the Machine are fronted by the amazingly talented singer Florence Welch, she’s one of the best female vocalists I’ve come across for a long time, but the best thing about her is the fact that she writes breathtaking songs, lyrics and all. Where other bands have failed, I think Florence & the Machine have succeeded, they’ve written songs that will appeal to both mainstream and indie radio, but also have enough talent to really make marks on the live scene as well, which is something a lot of pop bands lack.

There is one song that really stands out and that song is ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)’, it’s just one of those songs that shows the best of a particular artist. In this case, it showcases Florence Welch’s singing as well as the band’s ability to make songs that are simple seem complicated, which is partly due to the production, which is of note.

While a lot of albums have songs that are amazing, rarely these albums have the depth that ‘Lungs’ has. There are some great songs, but the songs that fill the album definitely aren’t fillers and are as good as any others. ‘Hurricane Drunk’ and ‘Howl’ are some of these songs that make the album so consistent and easy to listen to as a whole.

This is an album where you shouldn’t over-think things. It’s catchy, intelligent pop and that’s something that’s really rare at the moment, ‘Lungs’ is one of the best pop albums in a very long time and it’s turning out to be one of my favourite albums this year.

Pop should always sound like this, the singing is honest, but also simple and while other artists at the moment are trying to out do one another with “Idol-esque” singing, Florence & the Machine show that singing is so much more than that.

Seriously, go out and listen to ‘Lungs’, because to be perfectly honest I think this is THE perfect pop album.

Stand-out Songs: Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), Drumming Song, Hurricane Drunk.

Rating: 9/10


~ by Michael Hodder on July 31, 2009.

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