“Humbug” – Arctic Monkeys (Joint Review)

Arctic Monkeys are a band that were in danger of becoming repetitive and stale after the release of their first two albums, but luckily they’ve realised this and have now made a new album that brings a few things to the surface.


Arctic Monkeys - "Humbug"

Arctic Monkeys - "Humbug"


I’ve been a fan of the Arctic Monkeys for a while now and in my opinion they epitomise the naughties, so it is fitting that they release an album at the end of the decade. It proves to be a new direction for the band, but it also tells everyone that they’re here to stay and are capable of making music for many more years to come. Now to the album itself, it’s called Humbug and will not disappoint. It flows really well and to be perfectly honest I think it’s very close to being their best album, some may even say it is their best album. The slower songs are the icing on the cake, they don’t really affect the vibe or feel of the album, but they are definitely what make the album really good.

Josh Homme is one of y favourite musicians of all-time and his contribution to Humbug is amazing. Josh Homme once said in an interview that he “tried to bring out the strange” when he made and wrote Rated R. He’s just produced the Arctic Monkeys’ new album ‘Humbug’ and the weird and strange have definitely come to the surface.

‘Humbug’ is not an album where you can get tired of it when you listen through the album, it voyages through a few phases and this makes it really great to listen to. At times it’s heavy, ‘Crying Lighting’, ‘Potion Approaching’, but other times it’s really sweet and soft, ‘Cornerstone’. All the songs have an influence of hard rock, but often they’re used in a softer way, if that makes any sense at all.

I saw the Arctic Monkeys at the Big Day Out earlier this year and they played two new songs; ‘Crying Lighting’ and ‘Dangerous Animals’. ‘Crying Lighting’ was absolutely amazing and you could tell it was an amazing song with it’s mood changes and it was seemingly infused with a sense of weird. The lyrics are genius and the chorus is one of the catchiest lyrics in memory, I love the lines “Your past times, consisted of the strange, and twisted and deranged, I hate that little game you had called, crying lightning”. ‘Dangerous Animals’ is also a really good track and is really worth listening to.

With so many good songs, it’s extremely hard to pick out the standout songs, and this is a sign that Humbug will be an album that will be remembered for a while to come. I for one have loved this album and is one of the best this year.

If I had to give you one word that epitomises the album, it would be “weird”, I have to applaud Arctic Monkeys’ in getting Josh Homme to produce the album, they have really added to their overall sound. Humbug really should be listened to by everyone, but knowing the music industry here in Australia, it probably won’t get any airplay on commercial stations, which is a shame.

Stand-out songs: ‘Crying Lighting’, ‘Pretty Visitors’, ‘Dangerous Animals’, ‘Cornerstone’

Rating: 9/10


~ by Michael Hodder on August 9, 2009.

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