Zounds – “Dappled Cities” (Joint Review)

As my counterpart mentioned, this week’s joint review was a bit of a hard choice. I was expecting that we wouldn’t be able to have enough time with Zounds for us to do a fair review, but I think we both made up our minds on what we thought of this album fairly quickly. It’s the kind of album that hits you straight away and I can’t say I’m surprised but I am very pleased it’s the case.

Yesterday I actually went to see Dappled Cities at their album launch at the Corner Hotel, and I loved every bit of it. But what surprised me the most was how the new tracks held up against the older ones.

Dappled Cities - "Zounds"

Dappled Cities - "Zounds"


Zounds is Dappled Cities’ third album and it signals a more polished sound to the band. If you haven’t heard their first two albums, A Smile and Granddance then you’re really missing out, if you have then I think you’ll love Zounds. It builds on Granddance and it seems as though Dappled Cities have reached a new level of musicianship. The guitars are used to a larger effect and this really shows in the live shows.

There is one criticism I had of Dappled Cities, and that was the fact that their songs weren’t grand enough and that they weren’t really capitalising on the great songs they had written, but after hearing the first single from Zounds; ‘The Price’, my view was changed. They’ve made and written songs that are almost to an epic level and at times you really are in awe of the songs. The proof is in the song ‘Wooden Ships’; it starts with a great brass intro that sets the listeners up for what about to come. It builds up and becomes a song that is not dissimilar to The Killers’ brilliant track ‘Goodbye, Travel Well’ although with a lot more modesty. I think that’s the difference between bands like Dappled Cities and The Killers, apart from the obvious genre differences, they do often meet at a similar point, The Killers’ though have a very large view of themselves and that reflects in the music. Dappled Cities just have fun and really focus on the music.

Overall I think Dappled Cities have gone to the next level and Zounds is definitely my favourite album of theirs, even after a few days of listening, they stand out live and sound more “grand”. They have to be the best Australian band going around at the moment and it’s only a matter of time before some commercial stations pick up on them. I really do hope that they get hold of tons of new fans because they deserve all the recognition they deserve. Now for the rating, It’s not a 10/10 but it’s really close so I think I’m going to go with a 9.5/10, again, go out and get this album, I promise you it won’t disappoint, especially if you looking for some light but grand music.

Standout Songs: The Price, Wooden Ships, Miniature Alas, Apart.

Rating: 9.5/10


~ by Michael Hodder on August 16, 2009.

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