“Continental Divide” – War Tapes

Today I’m reviewing War Tapes “epic” debut album; Continental Divide. My counterpart and I have made mention of the term “epic” a few times over the past month and this is a fitting term for the album I’m going to review today.

I see “epic” as a large sounding sound-scape that is brimming with either energy or some kind of orchestra. But I think (I may be wrong) my counterpart would say something is “epic” when it “hits the spot”. The album I’m reviewing today is weird, as the first few times I listened to it, I saw it as epic (and more to the point one of the most epic albums I’d ever heard), but for some reason this didn’t equate to me liking the music, which brought me to the conclusion that the album may be too epic. Preposterous I know, but I didn’t know what else to think. As you’ll soon find out though, the album has to be gotten used to, for the listener to really consume the “epic” nature of the songs.


War Tapes - "Continental Divide"

War Tapes - "Continental Divide"


‘Continental Divide’ is War Tapes debut album and the thing that stands out the most is the beginning of the album. It starts with such a heavy and energetic riff, and really hooks you in. To be honest it’s quite overwhelming and you’re either gonna love the first song or you’re not gonna like it. But really, the opener ‘The Night Unfolds’ and the album itself is never trying to be anything but heavy and loud.

I’ve been in possession of this album for a while now and every time I went to review it, I decided not too. I didn’t really enjoy the album and yet I didn’t know why. I mean, I loved the songs, but for some reason they just didn’t “click”, and I really didn’t know why. It’s been a few months after I first heard them and they’re just starting to stick in my mind, and I’m really glad, because some of these songs should be heard by way more people.

The album’s about 45 minutes in length, which is a really healthy length for an album and especially for an album such as this. The band explores a style and never really moves away from the building blocks of their genre, which can be bad, but War Tapes has made enough good songs for there to be interest in the album when listening to it. It’s not “same-y”, and this is mostly due to the changes in tempo from song to song.

The singer, Neil Popkin is very similar in style to Sam Endicott (The Bravery) and it does suit the music, which has hints of hope in both the lyrics and music.

Okay, if you want an album that sounds big, then you’re gonna love this album, even if it takes a few listens for you to take it all in. To be honest if you don’t like their song; The Night Unfolds (which is available here: http://sarathan.com/free/wartapesnightunfolds/), then you’re probably not going to like the album, but I assure you, a lot of people will enjoy it.

Stand Out Songs: The Night Unfolds, She Lied, For Eternity

Rating: 8/10

Purchase Link: http://tinyurl.com/WarTapesAmazon


~ by Michael Hodder on August 20, 2009.

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  1. LOL:


    – whereupon I would then reply: “Indubitably , Dear Watson, indubitably…”


    Nice review!!! 😀

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