“Art Vs. Science [EP]” – Art Vs. Science (Joint Review)

You may be wondering why I haven’t written for Highly Evolved for a while, well from I’ve been a bit preoccupied with study and have had my share of 18th’s over the past week, but now I think I’ve got a bit over time to get some reviews done. First of which is the Joint Review of Art Vs. Science’s self-titled EP. We don’t usually review EP’s for our joint reviews, but this EP has something special and it’s a band that I’m sure we’re both looking forward to hearing in the future


Art Vs Science - "Art Vs Science"

Art Vs Science - "Art Vs Science"


It’s a very intriguing EP as it’s kind of hard to lump into a genre, it’s a bit of electronica and also a bit of dance and maybe even drum & bass, but I think where the band will find fame is with it’s electronica. It’s quite apparent with the song “Parlez Vous Francais?”, that this is where the talents lie within the band, I know my counterpart loves the song “Flippers” but for me there’s nothing that matches the pounding guitar and drums in “Parlez Vous Francais?”.

Art Vs. Science recently played with triple j’s unearthed high winners at a high school gym, according the the band playing with Art Vs. Science, the gym floors were damaged assumingly because of the frenzy Art Vs. Science began. This not only hows how pounding their tracks are but also the ability they have to really get a crowd going. It may be a high school crowd, but I’m pretty sure it could replicate with bigger audiences.

Art Vs. Science definitely have a big future and I can see them become as big as a band like The Presets, again with this band the sky’s the limit. Aside from the EP, they have a brilliant music video for “Parlez Vous Francais?”. It’s basically about a couple of mimes that have World War III, I won’t spoil the video, definitely check it out though, it is one of my favourite video’s for the year.

I guess I’ve gotta give this a rating, it’s an EP and keeping this in mind, I’ll give it a 7/10. For the simple reason that EP’s are rarely as good as the albums that come after, but this is probably as good as most alums that come out and it is one of the better EP’s for the year.

Standout Tracks: Parlez Vous Francais?

Rating: 7/10

~ by Michael Hodder on September 30, 2009.

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