“The xx” – The xx (Joint Review)

To put it simply, The xx are an amazing band, they make beautiful and simple songs that have the innocence of Angus & Julia Stone, but with the backing of internet hype like that of Passion Pit. The Angus & Julia Stone comparison I pretty accurate in my opinion and although the two bands styles are different, they have the same innocent “vibe”.


The xx - "The xx"


2009 has witnessed a number of new and upcoming bands, The xx are one of, if not the best of this years crop of artists. Their rhythms and beats are hypnotic and almost draw you into the music, it’s something that few bands are able to achieve but The xx seem to achieve it without trying. What separates them from a lot of bands is their two singers who are extremely suited to each other’s voice. Without being over the top they sing with a nimble quality and sing what is required for the song to become something they intend it to be.

The album has no real bad songs and is pretty consistent, but if I had to pinpoint one standout song, it would have to be ‘Crystalised’. It’s simplicity is it’s strength and I found it to be extremely catchy, a sure bet for one of my favourite tracks for the year of 2009.

It’s a very weird album to listen to, because a lot of the time you don’t know whether you should be dancing or not. What this creates though is a intrigue in the album and I for one found it to be far more interesting and captivating for it. It’s different to a lot of albums in that way, while other bands are trying to master a popular genre, these guys (and girl) are trying to write music that suits their presumed personalities.

The xx have made an album that has a maturity to the song-writing that is rare in a band that is so early into their career. Their album is one of the best debuts of the decade let alone the year and I really look forward to hearing what the band release next in their career, that has no end in sight.

In terms of a rating, I am going to give it a 9/10. It’s almost to the standard of the very best modern albums and is sure to spark something on the music scene, if it already hasn’t. Go out and buy this album especially if you’re a fan of electronic music, as it may just open your eyes to another aspect of the genre.

Standout Tracks: Crystalised, VCR

Rating: 9/10


~ by Michael Hodder on December 16, 2009.

One Response to ““The xx” – The xx (Joint Review)”

  1. Awesome – coincides with my purchase of their album. Great review, great album – interesting difference of opinion on stand-out tracks; good, good, good.

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