“Transference” – Spoon

They were probably the most consistent band of the naughties, they made four albums in that time and all impressed critics everywhere. They return with their seventh album and at first glance it seems as though spoon may have left their mojo in the 00’s.

I saw them at the Melbourne Big Day Out in 2007 and they were as tight as any other band I’ve seen. As a listener, you knew these guys were musicians through and through, they knew how to handle their instruments and also used effects in quite an impressive way.


"Transference" (2010) - Spoon


“Transference”, their seventh album, seems like it was written in cruise control, they seem to have lost something and I can’t really put a finger on it, as you’ll read, the songs on the album are sometimes quite impressive but overall, they seemed to have have stopped on their steady rise in quality over there last six studio albums. It wasn’t a single song that made their albums great, it was the fact that you couldn’t find the difference in quality between the best and worst song on the album, they all had merit. “Transference” is different though, there are songs that stand out, and yet I kept thinking to myself that they shouldn’t. There’s no bad songs on the album, there’s just a drop in quality of the large majority of songs.

I should really be to harsh on the album, to be totally honest, it’s better than what most bands will make in their careers. But as an album coming from a band such as Spoon, I was expecting a lot more. So enough of this negativity, I’ll focus on the positives. One of which is the song, ‘Written In Reverse’, it’s wonderfully off-kilter and has a real catchy rhythm. The vocals are trademark Britt Daniel and are the standout feature from the track. In m opinion, it’s one of the best tracks that Britt Daniel has written and it is a real standout from the album.

Another standout is the track, ‘Before Destruction’, it’s the opening track and it’s a perfect start to the album. Britt Daniel’s vocals are faint and distant sounding in the first verse and this adds a great amount to the sound of the track. ‘Before Destruction’ is a very stripped back song and while this is not a great surprise in a Spoon song, it is certainly noticeable alongside other tracks on the album.

I listened to “Transference” with a great deal of expectation, and largely it disappointed. But overall if you compare to other albums being released at the moment, it does stand up to them quite well. So listen to the album, because it is a great band that really can’t go wrong.

As a score out of ten, I think I’m going to have to give it a 7.6/10, it’s not quite at the quality of the top albums released in a year, but it is awfully close to it.

Reviewer’s Pick: “Written In Reverse”

Stand-out Tracks: “Written In Reverse”, “Before Destruction”, “The Mystery Zone”, “Got Nuffin’”

Rating: 7.6/10


~ by Michael Hodder on April 11, 2010.

6 Responses to ““Transference” – Spoon”

  1. You see – I was expecting so much more from a band that I now think might be over-rated. It’s like Jarvis Cocker’s “Further Complications” all over again, I just can’t get the music, and I just don’t like the lyrics. These two wrongs just don’t make it right for me; nuh-uh, can’t stand this album. My professional opinion, readers-of-comments, is to steer clear of Spoon indefinitely…

    By the way, nice review!

    Ha-ha, way to start off on the negative…

  2. I totally disagree. I think the album rocks. I also disagree with your stand-out tracks, except perhaps “Got Nuffin”. I like those tracks, but I feel “Is Love Forever?”, “Who Makes Your Money”, “Goodnight Laura” (fave), “Trouble Comes Running”, and “Nobody Gets Me But You” are the stand-outs. In fact, the only songs I’m not big on are “I Saw the Light” and “Mystery Zone”. I admit I was a bit disappointed on first listen, but it’s really grown on me.

  3. @internetmatthew: Don’t get me wrong I really like this album, but in my opinion, it’s a step down from their earlier albums.

    It’s always great to hear differing opinions though.

  4. I like transference but it took a long time to grow on me..AND it’s good in a quiet, unobtrusive way.

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