“Teen Dream” – Beach House

I’ve been sitting on this album for a few months now and I’ve finally gotten to a conclusion. This is a perfect summertime album, Beach House have made a mellow yet sunny sounding album that is akin in style to last year’s brilliant album Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear. It’s one of the better albums I’ve heard in 2010 and it stands up to most albums from this genre.

As I’ve said before, I may have too late in reviewing this album as it should definitely be listened to on a beach or on a summers day. It’s just that kind of album. So all you people in the Southern Hemisphere, you may just have missed out on a great soundtrack to your summer.


"Teen Dream" - Beach House


Beach House are a duo hailing from Baltimore. “Teen Dream” is their third LP and although I hadn’t heard much about them before the release of their new album, I do think this is by far their best work. It’s interesting to note that Victoria Legrand (singer and organs) provided backing vocals on the brilliant 2009 song, ‘Two Weeks’ by Grizzly Bear, it was one of my favourite songs of 2009 and it came as a surprise to me that Legrand contributed to the song.

For people who haven’t heard Beach House before they are basically made up of two components, haunting vocals and slow (yet bright) guitars. It’s a great combination and produces a very summery and melancholy sound. It’s also extremely easy to listen to, because of both it’s style and also it’s consistency, it just doesn’t have a bad song on it.

The stand out tracks are definitely ‘Norway’ and ’10 Mile Stereo’, both are absolutely brilliant and not many bands ever end up making songs even half as good as these. ‘Norway’ in particular, has a great chorus, not unlike ‘Two Weeks’ by Grizzly Bear, it has the same ingredients but they are both unique and catchy songs.

Sometimes bands just get it right. this album is one of these cases. For whatever reason they’ve made an album that is perfect for the music landscape at the moment and beyond that, it will still be a good album 10 years from now. Songs like ‘Norway’ need to be listened to on a large scale, a song of that amount of quality deserves a bigger stage and it looks as though it won’t get it, I’m just hoping that it does eventually get picked up by something. Because as much as I love having a song that is seemingly only liked by ones self, some songs deserve more…

So in conclusion, listen to ‘Teen Dream’, you won’t be disappointed. It’s relevant musically now, so I urge you not to miss out on hearing this now, because if you end up hearing this for the first time in 5 years you will feel as though you missed out. It’s definitely one of the best album for the year so far.

Reviewers Pick: “Norway”

Stand-out Tracks: “Norway”, “Walk In The Park”, “10 Mile Stereo”

Rating: 8.8


~ by Michael Hodder on May 16, 2010.

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