“Interpol” – Interpol (Joint Review)

It’s hard writing a review about one of your favourite bands, there a sense that maybe you “should” like it, even if its not up to scratch. I’ve tried to be completely impartial, but it’s unlikely that I have to be perfectly honest.

Interpol have returned with the self-titled 4th album. It signals a return to the sound of “Turn On The Bright Lights”, and although slightly different, it sounds like it could be the follow up to said album that people were hoping for. It’s also the last effort with the bassist Carlos D, who left the band after recording the album.


"Interpol" - 'Interpol'

"Interpol" - Interpol


The album feels like it’s been made by a band that is nearly at the end of it’s tenure, and largely that is correct. Though if it does turn out that Interpol just isn’t the same without the creative spark of Carlos D, then the band can be proud of their last album, despite the fact that it could (and probably should) have been so much better, but more on that later. The lack of catchy songs coupled with the fact that it is the band’s darkest record to date, makes this a less than accessible album and because of this they may never reach the heights that people though they could reach after the release of their first album.

It’s not that I found this album disappointing, it exceeded most of my expectations and it probably gels better than their previous two albums. But the trouble with the album is quite simply, the quality of the songs isn’t maintained throughout the album and it does contain some “filler” tracks. That’s not to say there aren’t some seriously good songs on the album, because that would just be plain wrong. Both ‘Lights’ and ‘Barricade’ line up against any other Interpol song incredibly well and ‘Summer Well’ is great.

I’ve criticised the album a lot, but I think that’s a little unfair. The creativity on the album is at a peak for the band, and this sees the band laying down some the their best drum tracks and bass tracks to date. And I for one love the darkness and ominous nature of the album, it’s definitely not a happy album, it’s also something that really shouldn’t be listened to on a sunny day either, but a lot of albums are perfect for a cretain time and I think this album is a really good winter album.

So why should people listen to this album and more important why did I like it, I guess the answer to both is because like it or not, this will be the last good Interpol album and despite the inevitable criticisms, ‘Interpol’ is a good album by a very top band, with some amazing songs.

In terms of a rating I’m giving this an 8.3 and while I have been critical, it is a good album and ahead of the large bulk of albums this year.

Interpol are touring Australia December/January.

Reviewers Pick: “Barricade”

Stand-out Tracks: “Barricade”, “Lights”, “Summer Well”, “Try It On”

Rating: 8.3/10


~ by Michael Hodder on September 29, 2010.

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  1. Wa-hoo! New post! I didn’t think you would rate it so highly – I had the feeling you were going to be another pessimist (or should I say optimist???)…

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