“My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy” – Kanye West

Look I’ve been extremely slack over the past year. Especially in regards to the blog, and in the next month I will be making up for it. Hopefully I will be publishing and finishing all my unfinished reviews and byt the end of the month I should have about 20 reviews up.

On top of this I’m currently compiling my top 50 albums for 2010.

So to start this all off, I’m going to review Kanye West’s massively hyped 5th album ‘My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy’.



Pitchfork gave this album 10/10 early this week. Now, Pitchfork are not exactly my favourite reviewers, but for some reason I always give them some thought. Kanye West’s new album definitely doesn’t deserve a 10. But if you scroll down you’ll see that they weren’t far off giving a proper and fair review.

Overall, ‘My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy’ is a collection of singles and quite a few phrases coined that will surely soon be used in real life.  Where the album stands out, in my view, is that it’s almost the perfect pop album. There’s a few reasons for this:

  1. There are an extremely healthy amount of singles.
  2. There are some brilliant guest appearances (Bon Iver, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys)
  3. It’s also been promoted heavily.
  4. And it has the ability to become engrained in pop culture.

The first track off the album is ‘Dark Fantasy’ and it’s as catchy as SARS. Crossing between the almost gospel-inspired chorus and the quite amazing hip-hop verses, they mould into one to create a song that is both catchy, intelligent and extremely well written. The bulk of songs on the rest of the album use this format, while songs like ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘All of the Lights’ are more nucleic in their structure.

Now to my favourite track from ‘My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy’, POWER. It samples King Crimson’s 1969 track ’21st Century Schizoid Man’ and this gives the song some oomph, something that would be lacking without the samples. A lot of Hip-Hop is way to one-tracked and in my opinion most of the time it just doesn’t have a kick, which is something a lot of songs need.

As I wrote before, there is no bad song on this album. It’s a brilliant pop album and while the psued indie-culture juggernaut that is Pitchfork gave this album the status of instant classic and basically suggested it was one of the best albums of all-time, they weren’t all that crazy.

Which is why I’m giving this album a 9.1/10, I can’t see it growing on me much, but I also can’t see it dropping away either. In short, ‘My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy’ is a great album. And I hope that in 20 years, people will still be listening to it.

Reviewer’s Pick: “Power”

Stand-out Tracks: “Power”, “Gorgeous”, “Dark Fantasy”, “Lost In The World”, “Hell of a Life”

Rating: 9.0/10


~ by Michael Hodder on December 1, 2010.

3 Responses to ““My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy” – Kanye West”

  1. Wow,

    Can’t believe this, but you’ve convinced me to listed to an artist I have otherwise regarded as tripe…

    Pitchfork doin’ something justice – wha???

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