“Theory of Everything” – Children Collide

Children Collide are a Melbourne band that have been touring relentlessly since the release of their much heralded debut album, “The Long Now”. In the way that British India did, Children Collide aren’t wasting anytime in releasing their second album, and just like British India second album, “Theory of Everything” is a solid album that is likely to propel the band to bigger things.

Released in August, the Rob Schnapf produced “Theory of Everything” quickly reached number 5 on the ARIA album charts and really justifies how popular and respected this band really is. Children Collide has largely broken through to a commercial radio audience and with a likely main stage appearance at the national Big Day Out festival, the band is sure to be on the lips of commercial radio for the whole of 2011.


"Theory of Everything" - Children Collide


If you haven’t heard of Children Collide, let me give you a little bit of background. They’re a three piece Melbourne band that play grunge influenced rock music, they are actually known to play Nirvana covers from time to time live and to be honest I’m not really surprised. Nirvana are obviously a massive influence for the band.

Okay, so enough with the background. ‘Theory of Everything’ is a step sideways for the band, they have definitely changed their sound, but it’s not really for better or for worse, it’s just different. This change is possibly due to the recording process and a more expert way of approaching the writing of songs. The songs on ‘Theory of Everything’ are quite a bit more crazy/psychedelic lyrically (ie. My Eagle, Into The Sky With Ivy) and I think this gives the album the extra energy that their debut album, ‘The Long Now’, was possibly lacking.

There is another factor that makes this album slightly better than their first and that is the added oomph on the guitars, yes, they’re still the same tinny sounding guitars that you would be familiar with if you had ever heard the band, but on ‘Theory of Everything’ the guitars are used at times on another level, most notably on ‘My Eagle’. After seeing the band live, the fuller sound that they have created on their sound suites what their live act sounds like, and for this, I think credit has to go to Rob Schnapf.

The first track, ‘Future Monks’, sets out where ‘The Long Now’ left off, but as the song rolls on, you slowly start to notice that this album is going to be slightly edgier and heavier. Slowly building, it gives a great transition from their previous album and gets you in the right sort of mood for the album. Along with ‘My Eagle’, this song is probably my favourite from ‘Theory of Everything’, if you’re looking for a song that sums up the album perfectly, this one is it.

‘Theory of Everything’ has slow songs and fast songs, but what stays constant is the energy these guys get on every single song. I really have to praise this album because while the songs are probably of the same quality as ‘The Long Now’, it just sounds like a better made album. So definitely grab this album, it’s a bit of fun and really, there’s not too many bands that make albums such as this one.

As for a rating, I think I’ll give it a 7.6, possibly a bit harsh, but I think in terms of where it stands, as opposed to other albums this year, it is probably about right.

Reviewer’s Pick: “Future Monks”

Stand-out Tracks: “Future Monks”, “My Eagle”, “Into The Sky With Ivy”

Rating: 7.6/10



~ by Michael Hodder on December 15, 2010.

One Response to ““Theory of Everything” – Children Collide”

  1. absolutly love this album bought it right after it came out was a bit hesitant at first coz its diffrent but love it now

    hard disision but its my album of the year!

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