“Gimme Some” – Peter Bjorn & John

2011 has been phenomenal so far, some absolutely brilliant albums have been released, from acts such as Mogwai, Cut Copy (review coming soon) and PJ Harvey. Peter Bjorn & John have made an album that can proudly stand alongside these music heavyweights. Combining all the catchy hooks they are known for with a keen ear for interpreting music, they have made one of the best indie rock album in years.


"Gimme Some" - Peter Bjorn & John


These are the folks behind the catchy pop tune (with some cool as whistling) Young Folks and after a few album experimenting with different genres, Peter Bjorn & John have come back with an indie rock album that draws influences from everywhere.

Gimme Some starts with the infectious Tomorrow Has To Wait which boasts a beat that is as simple as anything, creating a sort of tribal energy it drew me in and  like every PB&J song it sticks in your head for days. Which is something this album does brilliantly, I think I’ve had every one of it’s songs stuck in my head in the last few weeks, they’re simple and have easy to remember lyrics and most importantly they’re written around catchy segments of music (ie. bass lines and vocal melodies).

As I mentioned earlier this album takes influences from some pretty big names in indie rock and rock in general. Eyes could actually be a Vampire Weekend song, if I gave someone a copy of Contra with this song wedged in sneakily, I guarantee the person would not tell that it was by a different band. And funnily enough I reckon it would be one of Vampire Weekends best songs… There’s a whole heap of other bands I keep hearing in the songs, such as Wavves and even U2, but when I was listening to the album I didn’t see this as a negative, I saw it as massive positive, because not only are PB&J trying to make a relevant album, at the same time they’re quite possibly making better music than the bands they’re trying to reproduce.

I could extend this review by reeling off all my favourite songs and saying the same thing about each one of them (they’re catch as f***), but I think I’ll write about why this album isn’t a 10/10 or even a 9/10 for that matter.

When I listen to an album I want to be blown away, and despite the fact that I really like every song on the album, it has no “great” song. I know, I’ve been known to say a great album doesn’t need a “great” song, but it helps. There are so many bands out there at the moment making music similar to this, yes, PB&J have made an album that is better than any other one I’ve heard, but it doesn’t stand out enough.

So, overall, I don’t really want to give this album a rating, I mean it’s one of the funnest records I’ve heard for a while, but I think it’s one of these album that will always be just below being great.

Though I do look forward to listening to it for years and years to come.

Reviewers Pick: “I Know You Don’t Love Me”

Stand-out Tracks: “Tomorrow Has To Wait”, “Down Like Me”, “Breaker Breaker”, “May Seem Macabre”

Rating: 8.5/10


~ by Michael Hodder on February 11, 2011.

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