Starving The Economy / Musicians & Artists: Part II

Conglomerate synergy is all about money. Not to mention control. Effectively, the internet before internet – an interconnected network of alliances, organisations, publishers, recorders and distributors. Except this one is exclusively for the rich and powerful. An economically sanctioned, figurative rape: Globalisation.

Indie music is also, all about money. Except its divergent tactics are uncontrollable, unwarranted and industrially unprofitable. It’s anarchy. Like Capitalism and Communism, except the wars are more secretive. One can’t tolerate the other. It defeats the purpose of economic competition. It levels the playing field for beginners and veterans alike, while supporting the artist/s themselves – not the parasitic labels divvying their pay check. Indie bands aren’t musicians anymore, but artists: instead of looking for promotional platforms, the platforms should be catering for them.

Like a real artist.

Yet, all this boils down to control: the underpinning feature – the currency before cash – which artists today have more of than mainstream musicians ever will. Goes by the name of copyright, or intellectual property. It’s the music itself, the lyrics – ideas made manifest – which when sold via contract, might as well be patents because they certainly don’t belong to the individual anymore…

Whether this is detrimental to the music industry, is debatable: companies regularly absorb one another, regardless of cost-cutting. It’s all future-investment this, branching-out that. Jobs will inevitably be lost as technology supersedes the need for staff. It’s just business. Something which tries (paradoxically) to control art – something which it knows nothing about, but will happily put a price-tag on. If illegal downloading and pirated hardcopies are as damaging as companies make them out to be, then they probably would have dried up a decade ago. They’re innovators, and they’ll survive through things like iTunes and MP3 players – have no sympathy for these mill/billionaires.

So in relation to music of the 21st century, envisage the indie uprising as a revolution.  A resistance against control. Against synergy and its globalised efforts to effectively auction off an artist whenever, wherever they can. A handing-back to a new generation of artists who can now perform their music and own it as well.

Continued Part III


~ by enantiomorphicgod on July 5, 2011.

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