A Friend of a Friend of Meme… Part IV

It’s no surprise that the internet has birthed one of the most infectious, time-wasting contagions voluntarily invoked by man; internet vernacular labels this “The Meme”. This inconspicuous, contemporary opiate of the masses is responsible for some of the most outrageously pointless videos, pictures, websites and discussion-boards harping on current ephemera like moths to a flame. Blame it on interconnectivity – a by-product of networked, tech-savvy sapiens sharing information and contaminating as they go. So when it comes to conglomerate promotion, why bother wasting money on an ad-campaign when you can get the people to inadvertently do this for you?

It’s like introducing a new strain of herpes, hoping it will catch on…

Case in point: Highly Evolved. A joint venture between myself and Michael Hodder – independent, indie-networked bloggers proffering autonomous, opinionated reviews on artists and their latest albums. And with our growing reputation, our already established network of sites, channels and artists, makes us a prime target for small-time record-publishing firms who feverously outsource wherever they can, with whomever they can. They tempt us, lull us, insidiously whisper sweet nothings in our ears – promise giveaways, interviews and free tickets – all so we can grind our fingers on the ‘board and pump out a review somebody, somewhere, thinks tickles their fancy.

And what sweetens the deal, is that we do it all ourselves – for free.

We spend hours, even days, dutifully listening to an artist’s hard-work – especially if we’ve been asked to do it. And, hell, we may not even like it all that much, come the end. When we have to mash all our feelings into words retaining critique rather than criticism – flare over offhand bastardisations any illiterate moron can spuriously fathom – it’s often crossed our minds just who will read this, and who will take it seriously…

But why? Why do we do it all for free? It’s inherent in human nature, I suppose. Something base, instinctual, harking back to simpler times when one Neanderthal said to his Neanderthal friend, who told his Neanderthal cousin that: “this shit rocks beyond belief; you just have to try it!”

Continued Part V


~ by enantiomorphicgod on July 7, 2011.

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