Collective Unconscious / New World Paradigm: Part V

Popular Music is tugging on the heartstrings of society’s subconscious; what Jung called the ‘collective unconscious’. Philosopher Henryk Skolimowski later described something similar in his book The Participatory Mind, in which he postulated that human beings were not simply “of” the universe, but co-creators of its distinctive features (and corporeal existence) instead. This may have then been unintentionally squandered by such books/films as The Secret, under the guise: visualise, then materialise – think about something long enough, and low and behold, you shall receive. So Pop Music can be envisaged as a sort of parasitic leech on the Achilles Heel of communal unconsciousness – tapping into popularity’s mercurial lifeblood. Somehow industrial-divination of the past century has been slowly substituted for marketplace-manipulation; better the devil you know, will sell…

Popular Music at mainstream’s forefront has already been demonstrated to regurgitate music with a sort of incestuous  attitude; why deviate from a monetarily productive formula in an effort to sell creative individuality?

Alternatively, running undercurrent to Popular Music’s stale disposition, is its extremely impulsive competitor, indie – an emergent genre in the eyes of conglomerate labels, but a lifestyle choice for its ardent followers; more akin to anarchic politics, rather, than music itself. Fresh, eager bands nurtured on the unprofitable, unrealistic teat of idealism proffering (beautiful), unprofitable, unrealistic music. As liberating as technology might be, indie is just a reflexive action borne on the collectively unconscious whims and fancies of fed-up youths rebelling against conformity. Strangely enough, the same conformity segregating and disposing of prominent indie material in an effort to keep-up with a struggling financial portfolio because of it…

Too much of a good thing, perhaps?

This new millennium signals the departure of corruptive, dogmatic, 20th century principles strangling the world and its inhabitants on the pretense that: money makes the world go round. Its replacement paradigm: the world was turning long before it came…

Continued Part VI


~ by enantiomorphicgod on July 8, 2011.

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