Highly Evolved is a not-profit organisation, primarily focused on complete and utter dominationoftheworld!


We believe this to be a realistic goal, achievable by 2020 – if APEC can do it, so can we. The blog remains a co-creationistic output of music-based reviews centred on personal-opinion, fuelled by our internal fires of frustration and joy towards bands of any spectrum.

Originally founded by Michael Hodder

[Sidebar: “All bow before his magnificence!”]

– His future collaboration with one Alex D’Aloia sparked a mutual-musical-flame between them; otherwise bereft. With its commencement in the wee-months of ’09, Michael and Alex indignantly battled with the multitude of varying VCE-demons:

[Alex: “You – shall-not – PASS!”]

[Michael: “Yeah, take that, you nasty Balrog!”]

Many months passed, and the treacherous passage across the realm of Middle-Music-Earth proved fruitful, for The One Ring was in fact kept and not destroyed. And so, here they both stand, on the edge of Mount Doom, atop hungry-Nazgul, satisfied to feed on hobbit and human alike, with Golem content to sing a re-vamped version of Queen’s infamous song:

“We – have the precious – Again – Dum, Dum…”

We can now be contacted here at:

Email: highlyevolvedau@gmail.com

We also have Facebook and Twitter [see right-hand-side]


2 Responses to “About”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Thanks for the link!

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