Here’s the place to find some of the lyrics of the albums we review.

Engineers – “Three Fact Fader”

Jarvis Cocker – “Further Complications”

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – “Dark Night of the Soul”

The Mars Volta – “Octahedron”

Art Vs Science – “Art Vs Science” [EP]

The National – “High Violet”

Bullets In Madison – “We Became Your Family When You Died”

The Temper Trap – “Conditions”

Muse – “The Resistance”

Raised By Swans – “No Ghostless Place”

The XX – “XX”

Interpol – “Interpol”

Shaun Tenni – “Nag Champa”


One Response to “Lyrics”

  1. I would like to know what song was being played in the movie Chloe when the son Michael was in his room? thnx

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