Clean Coloured Wire

take it all away/did you hide and make yourself /
straight to halt their pleas / all the signs are there

respite from what you feel / given time we’ve learned to share /
don’t compensate for me / will I find you there

do my best to steer my goals / clean coloured wire makes the right / hole

(do my best to steer my goals / please pull in tight make the right / hole)

try to make me stay / had to fight for recompense
don’t put the blame on me / all the signs are there

filtered by a friend / even time’s not playing fair
don’t pin your hopes on me / still I find you there

 Sometimes I Realise

time was slower in there flowing back to the start / tell me when, take me there / tell me how we should part

how has it come to this /met with a wall of silence / feels like i’ve lost my grip / we let it go too far

sometimes I realise, it’s not me / one thing I’d yet to find, has found me

time was slower in there / held me back from the start / are you going nowhere / now’s a good time to part

wide of the mark we missed / wrong, we remain defiant/and now it’s come to this / now that we’ve come so far

 International Dirge

hooked inside is my old brown grey / if it feels right then it feel right / tied in tight in the same old way / climb to new heights if it feels right

is your faith steadfast / challenged by a needle
would you go this far / what is there to stop you

will you hide make it go away / is the light bright when you’re inside / change your side is it old brown grey / does it feel right, if it feels right

with your face set hard / challenged by a needle /
now you’ve gone too far / what is there to stop you

Helped By Science

help me to light the fire/ try it in a different way/ given wings to be on your tail/ not so bold now/ facing in a different way/ basic forms will be on your trail

if I stow away / our light burns low / sheer might takes it / he’s the one to know / got my face low.

i want to start a fire / hand it to me on a plate/ those who fail could be helped by science / are you sure now/ you’re perfect in every way / two more lines and you’re on your way

will I show the way / can’t fight let go / sheer height breaks it / how were we to know / got my face low

Brighter As We Fall

I dream I’m falling / talk of failing / we’ve reached the point where / there seems to be / reason in you / I thought that maybe one day we could make this home / beneath that warning lies a hunger no-one dares to feed

as we’re found/brighter as we fall/ there’s no need to resolve/ blinded by your form

give up too fast/even though/I would walk the line to see you/seems so long ago/nothing bluer light of morning brings it home/beneath that hunger lies a warning no-one cares to heed

maybe the part that’s broken lives on/this moment is wide open mouthed, the words will flow

Hang Your Head

people are the saver / love just makes you sane / see the same behavior / taking shape again

don’t know how you braved it / no one you can blame / we both have the answer / hang your head in shame

here’s hoping that we could / change something to make things whole again/

yes I’ve found something left to give/ and you’re the same as me/ tied up lost yourself / that’s how it’s always been

people are the saver/ love just makes you sane / can’t conceive of failure / don’t believe in fate

did nothing but feel good / you won’t turn your back on me again

 Crawl From The Wreckage

too strong, I abdicate / hit a rightful trail / then steal from your box / with the river crosswind / I make craters fall in/hustled from day one / made it this far

leave now it’s better to walk away/crawl from the wreckage to your dismay

new song for brighter days / got a spiteful trait not helped by your loss / peel your layers thin while / I make craters fall in / hustled from day one / made it this far

something’s not helped me up / to sit back low with you now / tried to stop you drifting / still you follow / nothing left to lose

Three Fact Fader

here lies your scene / resurrected for the good / all that you are/ is sending back the truth / can’t keep the pace / you’re the second hand / make it worth it/ be what you are / no need to change

so phased for so long / it’s the scene/ let me fight the liar that means harm/ just the same old excuses now / everyone makes

hide behind your screen / have you got the shield to form / keeps me asid e/ and makes himself worthwhile / you’re pride of place / in a made up band/ as you come to sow your bland seed / your three facts fade

 Song For Andy

just before we left / I thought that everything was clear / nothing left to chance / without a single breath / you’re taking pills to help you feel / can’t see sense in that

you keep landing on your feet Andy/ you’ve been lying back to me Andy / can you live beyond your means Andy (I’ve seen you dying on your feet Andy) / let’s go our separate ways

now I’m facing facts / and now everything is clear/ no pattern left to patch / I have nothing left/ you’ve taken everything but me/ you see sense in that

 Emergency Room

even i’m not a faker / like the everyman complainer / when you see me your light fades low / am i equal not plainer

prying eyes shape their questions / will a constant not wake them / should i feel it as time takes hold / am i equal not plainer

hu mor do, bra / what’s going wrong/something’s not right / been too long / it’s avoidable seemed impossible / maybe what’s wrong / is your ever changing view

in my last life i prayed for time / to the grateful new witness / maybe I could watch favour fall / but will i try to save it

The Fear Has Gone

the question is why do i walk the long way home?
can’t recall your answer now
my fear has gone i’m fake
my only thoughts of what’s to gain
as i stumble into sudden blows
the fall has no delay

exhaulted space, befriended land,an all encompassing high plan.
a vaulted thust, a word so grand is spoken by another man.
above the space,below the land, in everything except the hand
forgotten trust, defended land, a way to forge another plan

Be What You Are

be what you are / believe what you say / but don’t tell me / what I have to play

be where you are / change by the day / but don’t tell me / what I’m here to say

land on your feet / no room for mistake / but don’t tell me / that you’re not afraid.

tap on the glass / you’re still on display / just don’t call me / when it slips away

What Pushed Us Together

I’m torn by this feeling I’ve been left alone, even though,
It’s love that starts healing, I can’t let you go. Does it show?

What pushed us together,
We swallowed completely.
I’ve realised what you bring.

It could work out fine for someone like me now,
Which one will you seek?
So don’t you close your eyes, follow what i’m saying
Which part will it be?

what pushed…

I’m torn by….

What pushed…X 2



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